23 Rabi Awwal 1439 AH • 12 December 2017

MBC Bursary Application Form

The Muslim Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) invites applications from students who are performing exceptionally well and from disadvantaged backgrounds who wish to further their studies to apply for the bursary.
The MBC offers a bursary fund to all members of the community, subject to attached conditions and criteria. This is in conformity with the mandate held by community broadcasting, namely the MBC’s Notarial Deed of Trust, as per clause 5.1.8 and clause 5.1.10.
The MBC Bursary Fund seeks to empower students through education, training and skills development in the various fields that could be termed as Community Service. The MBC bursary fund shall assist learners to achieve academic qualifications to
empower the individual and the community The MBC shall donate a portion from the profits of its Annual Festival and commits to
making a monthly donation towards this fund in future.
The MBC shall also solicit other donors/ sponsors to contribute.
The MBC shall appoint an independent panel of experts to assess the applications.

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Conditions of Financial Assistance

3.1 The bursary scheme shall assist successful candidates from the disadvantaged communities.
3.2 The MBC shall determine the number of bursaries issued on an annual basis in accordance with available funds.
3.3 The MBC board of trust reserves the right to award the bursary and also publish the names of the successful candidates in newspapers and on the website.
3.4 The MBC will endeavor to pay a full bursary.
4. Financial Assistance will only be awarded to
4.1 All applicants shall have a Matric or have an equivalent (NQF level 4) or higher level of education.
4.2 Applications for all fields of study shall be accepted, though preference will be given to those who study in the field of Media or Islamic Studies or that which might provide for requirements the Voice of the Cape.
4.3 The bursary shall be awarded on an annual basis and renewal depends on the results of the learner. The applicant must reapply every year.
The selection process includes filling in an application form and writing a letter of motivation of not less than one thousand (1000) words, which specify:
4.4.1 Reasons for choosing this field of study.
4.4.2 Candidates’ aspirations
4.4.3 How the candidates qualification will benefit the community.
4.5 The application form shall be accompanied by two certified references:
4.5.1 One from the current educational institution attended or employer.
4.5.2 One from the local religious leader in the applicant’s residential area.
4.5.3 Both references must have contact details. (Office numbers only).
4.6 Attached to the application are the following certified documentation:
4.6.1 A certified letter confirming the annual salary of both parents/guardians.
4.6.2 A certified affidavit if unemployed.
4.6.3 If a minor the parents/guardians’ certified proof of income.
4.6.4 A certified copy of the applicant’s identity documents.
4.6.5 A certified copy of the applicant’s Matric results
4.6.6 A certified copy of the applicant’s most recent academic results.
4.7 If a bursary holder changes his/her field of study during that academic year or
discontinues his/her studies, he/she shall inform the Board Trust of the MBC in writing.
4.8 The MBC structures, employees and their dependents are eligible to apply. Thirty percent (30%) of the bursaries awarded will be specifically set aside for dependents of the MBC structures.
4.9 Correspondence will be limited to successful candidates only. If you have not been
contacted within 2 months after the closing date, please accept that your application
has been unsuccessful.
5. Institutions that will be approved for studies
5.1 Financial assistance will only be granted for studies at institutions registered with the country’s education authority e.g. Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) in South Africa. Qualification should be registered with the relevant qualification body e.g. South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) in South Africa. Islamic Institutions approved by the Religious Panel of the BOT.
6. Costs covered by Financial Assistance
6.1 The BOT shall determine the amounts payable.
6.2 The BOT could award a full or partial bursary to recipients
7. Contractual Binding
7.1 Successful candidates shall be expected to enter into a bursary agreement entailing participation in the internship programme during studies and a service contract after completion of studies.
7.2 The MBC board of Trust shall select the contract type.
7.3 The following types of contracts can be entered into:
7.3.1 Full Bursary: The bursary student is contractually bound to the MBC, to remain in the MBC’s service for a period negotiated as per individual contract, not exceeding four (4) years, commencing after the completion of his/her studies.
7.3.2 Partial Bursary: However, if upon completion of the candidate’s study, the MBC is not in need of his/her particular qualifications or skills, he/she will be relieved of his/her contracted obligation to the MBC
7.4 If a bursary student terminates his/her studies permanently, the bursary received must be repaid in full to the MBC.
7.5 If a bursary student receives a full bursary and does not take up employment with the MBC s/he must repay the bursary in full to the MBC
If a bursary student receives a full bursary and does not take up employment with the MBC s/he must repay the bursary in full to the MBC
7.4 If a student terminates his/her service and still has a work obligation towards the MBC, the student must repay the bursary costs pro-rata.
7.5 We do not require bursary recipients to repay their bursaries (except in special circumstances) but we do expect them to plough back by engaging with community projects and reporting back to the Voice of the Cape, e.g. tutoring programs, mentoring programs, volunteering their services to the Voice of the Cape, old age homes etcetera.
1.6 This agreement is in no way a guarantee of employment.
Composition of the Bursary Committee
The Bursary Committee shall be composed with members of the Board of Trustees and an
independent panel
9 Applications
All candidates must complete an application form, which will be available from October at the Voice of the Cape’s Festival, Offices of the Voice of the Cape, 2 Queens Park Avenue, Salt River , emailing info@vocfm.co.za or on our website – www.vocfm.co.za.

All applications must reach The Voice of the Cape by the date as stipulated on the application form