6 Ramadan 1439 AH • 22 May 2018

SAHUC releases fifth accredited list


The South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC) has today announced the release of a fifth accredited list following further cancellations.

Speaking to VOC, SAHUC’s Shaheen Essop confirmed that as a result of the extensive drop out rate following the release of the fourth list, SAHUC has released its fifth accredited list of 124 prospective hujjaaj.

“We will continue to roll out accreditation until we conclude and fill-up the full quota of 2450,” he stated.

Applicants have until March 20, 2017, at 18h00 to accept accreditation and until March 31, 2017, to choose an accredited Hajj Operator.

“If they don’t accept their accreditation or transfer their applications, then there will be a penalty incurred if SAHUC has to cancel that accreditation on the March 20, 2017.”

Essop further notes that the dropout rate is between 50 and 55 per cent for the total accreditation, from the January, 10, 2017, until today.

In terms of the process of accepting accreditation, accredited hujjaaj are to access the SAHUC system with their ID numbers and accreditation reference or pin number.

“If you do not want to accept accreditation, there is an option on the system to transfer to a future year of your choice.”

“Please bare in mind that you are not transferring accreditation, you are transfering your application so that you do not lose your place in the queue and so that you do not lose any points as a result of any penalty if you do nothing,” Essop continued.

To view the fifth list of accredited hujjaaj, click here

For more information, visit: https://www.sahuchajjregistry.org.za/

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