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Shaheed Omar’s murder is not politically motivated: ANC Dullah Omar region


The ANC Dullar Omar region in Cape Town says its members are “deeply hurt” by rumours that Shaheed Omar’s murder could have been politically motivated. The nephew of anti-apartheid stalwart Dullar Omar was killed in what appears to have been an attempted hijacking on Thursday night. Shaheed, the son of Dr Adam Omar, had been travelling with his mother, when he was confronted and shot at Govan Mbeki Road and Jan Smuts Drive in Lansdowne. Police are investigating a case of murder.

While the family is devastated by the shooting, there has also been an outpouring of grief on social media. The shooting comes barely a week after the family publically criticized the current leadership of the ANC, ahead of the motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma this week. On Friday, social media users questioned the timing of the shooting, with many speculating that the murder was politically motivated.

Speaking to VOC News, the ANC Dullah Omar region spokesperson Khaya Yozi condemned the speculation.

“Shame on those people who say this murder is politically motivated. There is no leader in the Dullah Omar region that would orchestrate a murder in response to what the family has said regarding the party. We reject these rumours…its untrue,” he said.

“We will also in our gatherings shame all those comrades making these suggestions that the region or any leader of the ANC had something to do with this.”

Latifa Omar, the aunt of Shaheed, was quoted by News24 on Friday, as saying she too doubted his murder was politically motivated.

“It seems more it was someone who was drugged, perhaps… got scared when he realised he had shot and killed Shaheed, but I really can’t imagine it was anything like that [political],” she reportedly said.

In a frank public statement last week, the family said it has also written to the ruling party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) asking it to remove Dullar Omar’s name from the ANC region in the metro, saying the current political strife was tarnishing his respected legacy.

“As a region, we are still waiting for guidance from the national executive committee regarding removing the name. We are prepared to meet with the family and find out the reasons for the decision; we can’t at the moment take the matter upon ourselves without being given the direction,” said Yozi.

He called on the police to speed up the investigation so that the perpetrators can be apprehended.

“Let’s allow the law to rake its course. The law must deal with them [the suspects],” Yozi stressed.
He said this incident has left party members shocked, and is indicative of the high levels of crime in Cape Town.

“It’s sad that a life was taken away. We’ve been having a number of imbizos with police but our calls are not enough in terms of curbing crime and equipping our police stations with more efficient police officers.”
Yozi said the ANC Dullar Omar region would support the family during their time of need.

“We are praying for the Omar family and we express our deepest condolences. We have strong connections with the family and our comrades will visit them soon.” VOC

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