1 Sha’baan 1439 AH • 18 April 2018

Sisulu says fixing the ANC will be difficult


ANC presidential candidate Lindiwe Sisulu says that it will take a long time to return the ANC to its former character.

Having accepted the Eastern Cape ANC Women’s League’s nomination to run for the ANC presidency, Sisulu said on Saturday:“I’ve been crucified for a long time and I have put this off and fought it through. I’ve come to the conclusion that if all of us believe that the ANC is in a bad space, there ought to be people who are available to say I’m available to help in whichever way and this is the way these branches have asked me to help and I accepted ….”

Sisulu said being the next ANC president would be difficult, for anyone.

“If we succeed in December then we have a long way to travel to return the character of the ANC to what we knew it to be. We have so much still to do.”

Until now, Walter Sisulu’s daughter has not been keen to participate in the succession race.

“It’s not the first thing I would have woken up in the morning wanting to do,” she said on Saturday “it’s not the kind of career I would have preferred. I think it’s an onerous job, I think it’s a thankless job and it’s going to be a very difficult one for anybody who takes over, but this is my life, the ANC is my life. If any of them needs me. I’m here and I’m available. And if I’m successful I’ll give it everything I have.”
The national ANC Women’s League has endorsed Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as party president.

Sisulu said she was “not intimidated by that at all. I think that the opening up of the space for more contestants gives people opportunity to work out what it is that they want.”

Death threats had not deterred her, she said.

“I am looking after myself, there is nothing anybody can gain by doing anything to me so I am not afraid.”

In a week’s time, a ritual will be held at her rural family home, asking her ancestors to bless her candidacy.

[Source: eNCA]




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