6 Ramadan 1439 AH • 22 May 2018

VOC launches water saving campaign


In recent months the shortage of water has reached an alarming low, leaving the City of Cape Town to implement level 3B water restrictions. The City has issued a plea to residents in the province to cut down on water consumption as there is about 120 days of useable water left.

As part of its own community awareness initiative, VOC has started a water saving campaign with regular updates and alerts on saving water on air and on social media.

“Despite the restrictions in place, we usually forget to turn off the tap while brushing our teeth, we still take long showers and we often find ourselves ignoring the way others around us are not doing their bit during this crisis,” said project coordinator Najma Bibi-Noor Mahomed.

VOC’s campaign “Save water, it starts with you” is a reminder of the role South Africans play in the fight against this crisis. The campaign showcases short drama segments featuring someone abusing water and the other person ‘schooling’ them on reminding them of the role they play in this crisis.

At its headquarters, VOC’s maintenance manager has attached a water saving device to each tap, which aerates the flow of water. This has drastically reduced the amount of water wastage in the bathrooms and ablution area.

The campaign fundamental message is that saving water starts with each person making a conscious decision to change their attitudes to how they consume water. From the madrasa to the masjid, the aim is to drive this message into our public spaces.

“Save Water, it starts with you” is a proud VOC initiative and we endeavour to raise awareness on what needs to be done by each individual. Join the conversation and share your #SaveWater images with your tips by tagging in VOC.

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