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Gadaffi Burning the House Down

MY visit to Libya in the late 1990’s was as Kafka-esque as the life and times of its then Brother Leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. It was in the era of the Lockerbie bombing sanctions, and getting to Libya was no camel ride. I’d been invited to attend a media conference[…]

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State of the Nation: South Africa and Egypt

IT has been many years since I last attended the State of the Nation address at Parliament. It was my first 7 pm session, and on this sultry February afternoon as I arrived for media accreditation, the usual blustery Cape Doctor had backed off from blowing everything away. As the[…]

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THE poor will be the people of Paradise. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who was born poverty-stricken – and who lived a life of poverty out of choice – made a prayer that he would be raised amongst the poor on Resurrection Day. Of course, Islam has never scorned honourably earned[…]

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