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MJC ushers in new leadership

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Today is a historic day for the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) as it ushers in a new era. Today marks the inauguration of the new MJC leadership, under the helm of newly elected president Shaykh Irfaan Abrahams. A public ceremony is being held at the MJC’s headquarters in Athlone this morning. The event opened with a beautiful qira’ah recitation followed by speeches delivered by the ulama.




The event began with a late start as members of the community trickled in, filling the marquee in Cashel Avenue in Athlone to capacity. Shaykh Irfaan arrived with his predecessors Maulana Ighsaan Hendricks, Shaykh Ebrahim Gabriels and the wife of the late Shaykh Nazeem Mohamad, the life president of the MJC.

Shaykh Irfaan was visibly emotional as proceedings began.




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  1. Despite everything that the MJC had done to activists, who do not agree with their positions over many decades, I wish that Allah blesses the new leadership. The MJC represents a double-bind. One cannot be with them often but one cannot be aginst them too often either. They have access to many people yet in their leadership they fall short on many occasions.

    For the sake of the Muslims, one prays that Allah guides this leadership. One prays that they heal and not incite. Moreover, spcifically on the Sunni-Shia issue one hopes that the stupid, uninformed positions that some of them had taken will be reviewed. We can remember when people in the struggle were dismissed as Shias and Kaafir because the MJC believed that we should obey the Apartheid government as Ulul-amr. Until today many do not know what they are talking about. In the Sahih Books of Hadith there are Shia narrators. So please stop this fitna and lead.

    May Allah light your path and heal the Muslim pains.

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