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42% of accredited hujjaj drop out: Sahuc

Despite hajj drawing closer, the South African Hajj and Umrah Council’s (Sahuc) hajj accreditation list, which was recently released, failed to attract the required notice of acceptance of applicants. Sahuc president Shaheen Essop said that applicants had until the 6 May 2016 to accept their accreditation, which was released on 24 April 2016, and to choose an operator.

He said that many applicants did not submit a notice of acceptance, which resulted in a 42 per cent dropout.

The organization subsequently released 818 new spaces. These applicants will have until 23:00 on Tuesday, 10 May 2016, to accept their accreditation.

“People who do not notify us and accept their accreditation will, unfortunately, be penalised and have 30 points deducted,” Essop explained.

Applicants who do not notify Sahuc of their acceptance will have to resubmit applications and be placed at the back of the queue.

“One of the things that we struggle with is the economic challenges in our country. People who applied in 2012, their conditions have changed today by comparison.”

All slots not filled by 23:00 on Tuesday will be passed to prospective hujjaaj who are awaiting accreditation.

He said that Sahuc in practice publishes the list to show transparency in the processors. In addition, Sahuc’s process allows hujjaaj to submit their Identity Numbers to the system that indicates where they are situated in the queue.

“In the past, all administrative processors happened in the background. Now we put it up front and show people that they do not have a finite position. Everyone has an equal and fair opportunity to be looked at.”

With regards to hujjaaj who have registered in 2012 and who, due to medical concerns, require the assistance of a family member who recently registered, Essop explained that situations of this nature complicate the process for the hujjaaj.

“As a result, everyone will come with their story and expect to receive the same treatment. We cannot give a person a spot who registered three years down the line; you are jumping the queue and prejudicing those who are queued above you,” he said.

Essop said that Sahuc in consultation with ulama bodies has taken the advice that hajj is not waajib (compulsory) on the sickly.

“Manistata’ah does not necessarily mean the funds. It means that one must be physically and mentally able to do the hajj. If you are not able to do that then hajj is not waajib on you,” Essop said.

He urged all applicants to accept the accreditation or to defer the accreditation to the year of their choice to avoid losing the 30 points.

For more information, visit: https://www.sahuchajjregistry


  1. Guard that’s been waiting for years and still have no money to go that year should not go back in the queue. That’s unfair. You should stay in the queue toll when you are ready financially. If you miss the city off date then the next gujaags may take the place

  2. Between the agents and saudi greed haj has become too expensive to most people. Expect even higher levels of dropout as saudi profits from oil continue to decline.

  3. Sahuc is a money making machine, thou their are sincear ppl doing the job on the ground.
    Millions collected, and surprisingly millions spent!!!

  4. Assalaamu Alaykum Waragmatullaahie Wabarakaatu.
    I would like to know why Sahuc cannot release the names of the accredited Hujaaj earlier? If I understand it correctly, South Africa recieves plus minus 2000 visas for Haj every year, and I am sure that Sahuc will know after the Haj is completed of the previous year who the potentional Hujaaj will be for the next year according to their points. They should easily be able to ascertain the next 2000 or even 1500 until the visas are recieved. Why does Sahuc wait so long to let the Gujaaj know that they have been accredited and expects them to reply within a week? There are so many things that has to be arranged before embarking on this journey. If the Hujaaj can be informed long in advance he or she can at least prepare and make the necessary arrangements to perform their Hadj and decide if they are able to go or not. The reason for the drop out figures is solely due to Sahuc’s incompotence in releasing the names timeously and penalising these Hujaaj not able to accept immediately is completely unfair.This short notice is not on!!!

  5. SAHUC is a lottery!
    Not that Shaheen Essop and his ilk will ever learn, of course.

  6. now they want to become technical…..if a person sickly or not has 4 years earlier wished to make haj and now still wishes to whether support of additional help is needed or not …you tell that person "haj is not wajib" on him or her? technically correct but how callous
    how many infirm folk go on haj? tons?
    officials should work hard to increase the quota….dont just kow-tow to the saudis

  7. Asalaamu Alaykum, I greet you with peace and harmony but a few points to ponder:

    1. So other countries have a direct link to the Saudi Kingdom, and their agents are registered on the Saudi Embassy website in Pretoria but not South Africa.Because we are outsourced as SAHUC won the tender why can SAHUC not have a link on the same website with all our accredited GADJ AND UMRAH OPERATORS.”THEN NO ONE CAN SAY ‘ WE DID NOT KNOW” We all know that politicians get away with “WE DID NOT KNOW” So that explanation is an old and expired”?
    2.No experience with SAHUC as yet waiting to be accredited and do not listen to rumours. So SAHUC get directives from the Saudi Government and from the SA government that they have to abide to.So why are these directives not transparent so that Haji’s now where they going wrong while they waiting for accreditation”?
    3.When does SAHUC tender expire for being the chosen outsource to SAUDI KINGDOM or is this a lifelong tender and is not open to public vote or does it just get renewed every year?
    4. Why does the business plan for SAHUC not include mandate for Gadj operators to take a few old age citizens without making any profit with a priority list of the oldest going first. Eg: Each operator take 10 senior citizens without making any profit on them. This would then add wisdom and charity and Allah swt will give us all a blessed journey Inshalaah.

    We want to run Gadj as a business while making huge profits so then come to the party where every1 benefit as the operators are rendering an excellent service. Nothing wrong with that but let it be halaal and
    with charity and not a “Rip Off’ and when an old person leave this dunya we like to say “Allah did not call them” they had all the time but many are in proverty. So if we make it possible and easy for them to perform this holy journey , will all be a United Ulama and we will have all the salutations of our Nabi Mogamad SWA and all our beloved Rasools Let us be a Role Model to the World SOUTH AFRICA. Come on all the politicians in SAHUC let this happen. You were activist in the Apartheid years , be activist and let this journey be a pleasure and not a burden. MAKE THIS GO AWAY , IT CAN AND WILL HAPPEN. “INSHALAAH”.

    This is intended to assist the OLD AGE TO HAVE A STRESS FREE HADJ. OPERATORS CAN EVEN BOOK THEM INTO A FACILITY IN THE SAUDI KINGDOM WITH EASY ACCESSIBILITY TO THEIR NEEDS. No the youngest and the richest (moolah) want to be nearest to the Gharam and have the best facilities. NO WAYS THE OLD AND SICKLY get the nearest accomodation to the ziyarat places. “THAT WOULD BE MY BUSINESS PLAN” The young who have money “the not guilty one’s dont take offence” but this is true are spoilt. Sponsor a needy and old age citizen to have the best accomodation, u are used to the best where you come from, remember? So Allah will only open the doors of Jannah when you have what our Nabi SWA has taught us “Good Manners” . Adaab AGE BEFORE HONOUR…
    Ones’s eyes should be wide open be “smart” not “strong” because if an elderley person leave this Duny and we made it very difficult for them to perform this Ibaadah we are all guilty for not fighting this unfair cause.


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