25 April 2019 / 19 Sha’ban 1440

Al Ikhlaas Academia Library to host 3-day “Jesus (PBUH) Exhibition”


The Al Ikhlaas Academia Library is set to host the “Jesus Exhibition” (PBUH) next week, to promote understanding between both Muslim and Christian faiths through its religiously comparative display.

The 3-day exhibition is a concept brought in by member of iERA Adnan Rashid and aims to give its views a better understanding of how the religions view the iconic prophet (PBUH).

Founded in 2010 iERA is a UK-based charity dedicated creating awareness about the true nature of the Islamic faith and its rich traditions by rolling out value-based campaigns globally, which assist in removing common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims on a grassroots level.

Chairman of the Al Ikhlaas Academia Library Dr Elias Parker explained that there will be number of sequential posters throughout the exhibition which gives the viewer a visual understanding of Jesus (PBUH)’s life.

“It will give a perspective in terms of text and (explanation of the) text and how the historical legacy of Nabi Esa (AS) has evolved throughout different eras,” said Dr Parker.

Dr Parker said that the library took up the opportunity to display the extensive collection as it will provide a comprehensive comparative of how Christianity and Islam embrace the personality of the prophet (PBUH).

Parker, as a Muslim, explained that apart from increasing the footprint to the library, it promotes understanding between the two communities who are known to have the largest global followings.

“We live in harmony with our Christian neighbours and associate them on daily basis, this exhibition can enhance tranquility and understanding. The exhibition in itself is an opportunity to market the colossal personality to both the Christian and Muslim communities.”

He added that the aim was not to create a heated debate but instead to promote understanding by extracting commonalities and stand in admiration of the colossal figure.

The academia aims to dispel the concept of religion as a “contentious” issue, saying that both religions should understand that different perceptions exist.

Parker invite all interested parties to attend, including the youth who increasing interact with different faiths.

“The youth will continuously be confronted by questions that separate the belief systems and these not necessarily meant to be contentious issues. But if we are unable to answer (them), if we are not armed with the relevant historic and divine knowledge, we will not be able to truly state the case (of Islam) or in that case appreciate Christians and how they look upon Nabi Esa (AS).”

iERA will be providing reading material in the form of free booklets and handouts.

Parker noted that there will also be academics from IERA on stand-by to “clear any misconception, to make sure they know exactly what the narrative of exhibit board is.”

The library said it is trying to engage with as many Christian institutions and organizations as possible to draw as large and diverse a crowd as possible.

ENTRY is free

The exhibition will take place from Wednesday 23 January 2019 until Friday 25 January 2019 from 10h00 – 21h00

VOC / Tauhierah Salie

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