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Appeal to Muslims to give more fitrah, fidya in Ramadan

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The Muslim community in South Africa are urged to give a little extra during Ramadan, given the dire financial need in the broader community as a result of the national lockdown. That’s the impassioned call by the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) Fatwah Department as it announced that fitrah has been set at R40 and fidyah R10 this Ramadan.

The amount for Sadaqatul Fitr is calculated on 3 kilograms of rice and fidyah is equivalent to one kilogram of rice.

“We have chosen rice as a staple food, as the Prophet Muhammad SAW said take the food of your location. We have this phenomenon of processed staple food such as bread, so the closest staple grain in its natural form is rice,” said Maulana Siraj Girie from the MJC Fatwa Department.

“When it comes to the quantity, it should be calculated in one sahr, which is three litres. The difference here is volume…we measure in volume and not weight. From the volume, we then convert it to weight. The number is then rounded off,” he explained.

The fourth process, said Girie, is the monetary value which is the average of what a 3kg packet of rice would cost at stores.


Fitrah is the responsibility of the head of the household, i.e. the father or guardian must pay on behalf of the entire family. Fidyah is required from an elderly person or pregnant or breastfeeding mother, who cannot fast.

With thousands of Western Cape households feeling the brunt of lockdown due to a lack of income during this period, the MJC have urged those who are by the means to pay more than the stipulated amount.

“Now more than ever, we should do what we can to support the poor. Nabi Muhammad SAW says Zakatul Fitr is a means of purification for us. Now more than ever we are in need of purification and acceptance from Allah SWT. May Allah SWT accept our actions and may he remove us from this pandemic we find ourselves in.”


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