24 April 2019 / 18 Sha’ban 1440

“Be extra vigilant” – new Sassa scam


The South African Agency of Social Security (Sassa) has warned the public of yet another scam whereby four ladies wearing Sassa name tags request beneficiaries’ details.

The women ask beneficiaries to apply for a loan where they get all details and then defraud beneficiaries of their money.

Sassa was made aware of the scam after a message started doing the rounds on WhatsApp.

Sassa spokesperson Shivani Wahab said beneficiaries need to be extra vigilant as many fraudsters target the innocent and vulnerable.

“Sassa and the South African Post Office are currently working with SAPS to get to the bottom of the fraudulent activity and are following leads that will hopefully result in terminating any fraudulent activity and scams linked to the Sassa card,” said Wahab.

When offered any new services by strangers, beneficiaries are asked to call Sassa on 08600 601 011. 


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