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Brutal ANC statement labels Derek Hanekom “a charlatan and an EFF sleeper”

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And here we are, thinking that official statements from the ANC are meant to be diplomatic: Their response to Derek Hanekom’s little rendezvous with EFF back in 2017 has unleashed a torrent of fury from the ruling party, who slammed the official in the Presidency for “being a wedge-driver” in their midst.

The stunning tirade is lead by Ace Magashule. The ANC Secretary-General issued the communication late on Wednesday night. Of course, Ace has a habit of going rogue and speaking on behalf of the party without due permissions. And, with Derek Hanekom being a good friend of President Cyril Ramaphosa, the fallout from this could intensify.

Derek Hanekom labelled an “EFF sleeper”

Hanekom is in the spotlight after Julius Malema accused him of plotting with the EFF to oust Zuma from his role as president in 2017. The red berets’ leader detailed how the ex-tourism minister was trying to canvas support for a motion of no confidence against Msholozi.

On Wednesday, Mr Hanekom confirmed that he had met with EFF officials – namely, their Secretary-General Godrich Gardee – about a plan to displace Zuma from his iron throne. Although the ANC man admitted to this meeting, he denied Juju’s claims that he also wanted to start a new political party after the most-recent Elective Conference.

Ace Magashule’s poisoned pen letter

But Magashule doesn’t seem to be taking Hanekom’s admission lightly. The statement he released lambasts his comrade for showing “a remarkable agility to divide the party”. Honestly, it has to be seen to be believed:

“The ANC is dismayed by Derek Hanekom’s confessions that he had several meetings with the opposition EFF. Hanekom and others put pressure on the ANC to accede to the EFF’s demands for a secret ballot against Zuma. [The red berets] have a number of sleepers in our party to ensure divisions are created.”

“In our midst is Derek Hanekom, a wedge-driver on a mission to divide the ANC. This charlatan is making his mark and has shown remarkable agility to divide the ANC. We say to him and other EFF sleepers in the party that this only makes us more determined to unite our party”

-Ace Magashule

Derek Hanekom and the EFF: A house divided

Magashule also promised that the ANC would “defeat the nefarious actions” of Hanekom going forward. The language used is astounding, as is the timing of the statement with Ace’s fingerprints all over it: The document was made public at 23:30, and has arguably done just as much to “divide” the ANC as Hanekom is alleged to have done.

A clear line in the sand has been drawn here, as the Zuma factions are likely to rally around their main cheerleader in the Secretary-General. Meanwhile, Ramaphosa is yet again placed between a rock and a hard place and will have to pacify both this faction of the party and those in support of Derek Hanekom. It’s not going to be easy.

  • You can read the full ANC statement here:

(Source: The South African)

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