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Burial concerns for reverts who don’t change their name

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As people who embrace Islam adapt to a new way of life, the funeral arrangements are one of the issues they would have to prepare for as burial rites for Muslims differs from other religions. Earlier this week,VOC received a report from a listener who is concerned about the potential challenges of burial challenges that Muslim reverts face if they opt to officially retain their birth name.

In light of burial the concerns, second Deputy President  and the chairperson of the Cemetery Management Committee of the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC), Sheikh Riad Fataar, explained that the MJC provides a document that confirms the reversion to Islam of an individual. The form will also provide assurance that given funerals and inheritance provisions within the Shariah (Islamic law), the individual’s body and estate will be handled according to Islamic law.

Fataar, however, noted that if a revert would like to be officially recognised by a new name, the matter falls within the mandate Home Affairs.

“At the end of the day you will only be recognised as what you have told the law,” Fataar continued.

For reverts who wish to officially change their names, the MJC provides, at no cost, a Declaration of Faith form that is required by the Department of Home Affairs.

Fataar further noted that the same process applies to a couple that was married in court, but later decide to revert to Islam.

VOC (Ammarah Qureshi)


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  1. My name is Zayaan I’m a revert I have a problem changing my name coz the cost is so high .home affairs told me seeing I got married Islamic way I have an option to get married at home affairs again to have my id changed to my new name and surname .

    1. Yes you can get married on court basically then change your name and surname. I stand to be corrected but you will still pay for changing your first name.

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