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Capetonians show support for Hamas

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Thousands of people gathered in Surrey Estate, at the Darul Islam High school, where the Hamas delegation addressed a crowd of supporters, who have all reaffirmed their support for Palestine.

Young and old came together Wednesday afternoon to witness what has been called a historic moment for South Africa as well as a historic moment for Palestine. Children as well said that they attended the rally to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“We are there to support Hamas as well as Palestine for the liberation of Palestine and with all the people supporting this effort Palestine will be free,” Nazma Edwards an attendee at the rally stated.

“We pray every day that God must grant victory to Palestine and end all the suffering in the world we are here in support to show the world that we are not happy with everything that is happening (In Palestine),” said Zubeida Renni who stood in the crowd waiting for the rally to begin.

The crowd chanted praises to God and free Palestine as the delegation entered while the nasheed group of Darul Islam, the venue where the talk is being hosted, performed nasheed songs.

The hall resounded with cheer when Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal addressed them to call for an end to the occupation of Palestine.

“You (South Africans) have attained your freedom and liberation, the people of Palestine are aspiring to attain their freedom and liberation,” Meshaal told the crowd of supporters.

After the rally people said that the address by Khalid Meshaal was inspiring.

Reza Sayed, a student said that it was very inspiring to see that the speech was not against any entity, it was against the occupiers and not just a Jewish state.

Gabiba Khan from Women Who Care said that she was humbled to be in the same room with “these kinds of people, these kind of leaders” when referring to Khalid Meshaal and other attendees from the delegation whom addressed the crowd in Cape Town.

“The speech was excellent and inspiring it revived our zeal to interact and help the Palestinian cause in whichever way we can; we hope that we can continue serving the cause of the Palestinians and serving the cause of justice and removing the occupation wherever it is found in the world,” Zakariya Hanekar, former Ameer of the UCT MSA mentioned.

Terry Crawford brown from Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC) in Cape Town said that it was very inspiring to see him (Meshaal) completely discredits the propaganda that Hamas is a terrorist organization.

“It’s an historic moment and it is great news that the leadership could come freely to South Africa and we should work towards achieving freedom for Palestine (God Willing),” Mohammed Osman explained as the rally concluded. VOC (Umarah Hartley)

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  1. all very good, excluding other important considerations. until circa1994 the establishment ulema bodies bar some few leaders were averse to the palestinian issue, they only entered the 'fray' when things were made safe after 1994, before then we were told dont bring your politics into the masjid, etc etc, we were even told they know the palestinians and we dont, the pals are drunkards and dont make salaah etc, then after 1994 they only aligned themselves with yassar arafat the plo and pa, they dismissed hamas, ok all that may be forgiven but theyre now still behind as they were for the last 65 years, for eg why were hizbullah supporters with hizbullah flags thrown out of the hall? apologies if the named is incorrectly mentioned but its reported that sheikh isghaq (not to be confused with ighsaan) taliep said that the mjc et al dont support hizbullah etc, perhaps sh isghaq could clear up this matter if there was a misunderstanding?

    1. In response to Abe Parker-: I would have also thrown out Hizbullah! Instead of standing together for the freedom of the Syrian people they chose to side with the oppressor Assad. They are traitors to the cause of Humanity and sought to ally with their selfish ideological souls.
      We owe them no apologies and none is forthcoming!

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