The failure of conspiracy theory, of conspiracy theory, of…

I’VE never been the greatest believer in conspiracy theories. The problem I have is that they’re just too convenient to be true. Zionists, for example, cannot be behind every bush. In conspiracy theory-speak, events slot in seamlessly and everything occurs according to plan. In this model, the conspirators are given[…]

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New Zealand is world's most "Islamic" country

HOW “Islamic” are Islamic countries? This was a question asked by two George Washington University researchers, Scheherazade Rahman and Hossain Askari, in the Global Economy Journal of 2010. And whilst the paper is already two-years old, its pioneering approach and its Islam-West paradigm do make it compulsory reading for anybody[…]

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The Orion scandal – a call for tradition

THE Muslim Judicial Council-Orion story has, without doubt, become something of a community soap opera. Initially hallmarked by the MJC’s ineptitude in dealing with media, it has devolved into a wider question of organisational accountability. Why the MJC did not nip the Orion scandal in the bud is a pertinent[…]

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Áshura: the right to know the difference

ON our community calendar there’s what I call a series of “seasons”. And like spring, summer, autumn or winter, they have their moods. One such “season” is Muharram, which marks the beginning of the Islamic year. This is because it is a sacred month in which major events occurred, especially[…]

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Al-Shabab: the Taliban of the Horn

WE never came across Al-Shabab forces in Mogadishu, but reminders of their presence was everywhere – from the bullet-ridden pasta factory to the IDP camps dotted around the city. Fighters had only been forced out by AMISOM forces a month before, and there were still pockets of resistance. The crump[…]

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The blonde lady & surfing the other side of apartheid

This piece was commissioned by Zig-Zag Magazine for its 35th annniversary edition. I can’t believe that Zig-Zag is 35 years old. That’s a lot of pages. Wasn’t it only yesterday that the mag was pasted up in a garage, and we shot pics in Kodachrome 64? I can still remember[…]

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The Russell Tribunal: I think Israel is an apartheid state…

LIKE so many interested in the course of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, I will be keenly watching the Cape Town leg, which is the third of its hearings on Palestine. With its brief to examine the superiority of international law in solving the Palestinian conflict, those eminent personalities standing[…]

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