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24 hour hotline for gender based violence

In light of the recent horrific violence against women, now is as good time as ever to realise the need in South Africa for women to have a safe space to talk about the violence they are faced with. Intimate partner violence is one of the many types of violence[…]

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New online umrah system explained

In a move widely welcomed by the Muslim world, the Saudi Arabian government has scrapped repeat umrah visa fees. The scrapping has also been coupled with the introduction of a new online umrah booking system that makes it possible to book and plan your Umrah with increased independence. However, those[…]

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Bonteheuwel launches a petition to save peace garden

Bonteheuwel residents are outraged over the City of Cape Town’s plans to auction off a piece of land the community transformed into a peace garden. According to residents, there was no public participation and they blame local ward councillor Angus McKenzie for failing to ensure that the process was fair[…]

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The effects of living in a perilous society

As activists, students and concerned citizens continually flood the streets of South Africa, protesting against crime and violence, the psychological and emotional tolls of living in a country filled with such severe social ills can be heavy. High levels of anxiety, increased aggression, depression, suicide and increased overall societal intoxication[…]

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