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Minor involved in the rape of Bonteheuwel baby

By Loushe Jordaan Gilbert The family of an eight-month-old Bonteheuwel baby found to have been sexually violated have accused a young girl, well known to the family, of being behind the alleged rape. These shocking revelations emerged this week, as the family of the infant broke their silence. The Bonteheuwel[…]

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IDM launches national Quran drive

By Rukaya Mosavel The Islamic Dawah Movement has initiated the first national Quran drive in South Africa. The movement aims to distribute Qurans across the country. Coupled with this movement is the launch of the book, ‘My Role Model’ based on the life of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). The Quran[…]

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Defence minister urged to intervene in headscarf case

The South African Muslim Network (SAMNET) has thrown its weight behind Major Fatima Isaacs quest to wear her headscarf while serving in the military. Isaacs is facing a dismissal and will appear in a military court next month on charges of “willful defiance and disobeying a lawful command” for her[…]

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Cape Flats is a “low-key war zone”

By Rukaya Mosavel “Our children’s lives matter” and “The Cape Flats is a low-key war zone” were some of the emotive words written across placards held by community crime fighters today – an expression of the sheer frustration with the level of gang violence. Community Police Forums and Neighbourhood Watch[…]

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CT hifz student tackles cycling championship

By Rukaya Mosavel A young and aspiring hifth student’s passion for cycling has earned him a spot in the Union Cyclist International Junior World championship in Germany in August. Mirsab Jordan, a student of the Quran, who is just 17 years old, is in his fourth year and ten juz[…]

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SANDF preliminary investigation concludes

By Anees Teladia The battle to wear the hijab in the SANDF continued today with Major Fatima Isaacs making an appearance at the preliminary investigation hearing at the Cape Town Castle of Good Hope. The hearing was scheduled to begin at 8am but commenced at least 15-20 minutes later. Major[…]

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Homeless people plead for dignity

By Rukaya Mosavel Choosing to live on the streets is a desperate attempt at survival and is not a decision made easy. These were the pained words of homeless people who are grappling with the authority’s decision to fine those living on the streets. The City of Cape Town have[…]

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Aqeel Morris makes his mark in male reproductive health

By Rukaya Mosavel Aqeel Morris, a young Capetonian fertility expert has made his mark in the field of male reproductive health at the 35th annual meeting of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology held in Austria last month. He is currently completing his Doctorate in embryology at the University[…]

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