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SA should lead on Kashmir

By Ibrahim Vawda February 5th marks Solidarity Day with Kashmiris. The situation in Kashmir has nothing to do with passivity or docility in the Kashmiri character. That myth has long been shattered. Kashmiris hardly showed themselves as resigned to Indian occupation. Kashmir never felt itself to be part of India before[…]

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Why is Mahmoud Abbas losing control of his behaviour?

OPINION by Ra’afat Marra Anyone observing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will notice that he is experiencing difficult political conditions and a lot of tension. He is making very bad decisions and imposing punitive measures against all Palestinians. In short, we can see that he is losing control of his[…]

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Gaza – Remember these words

OPINION by Ebrahim Moosa  (A South African based freelance Journalist and researcher with the Palestine Information Network (PIN). Find PIN on Twitter @learnpalestine) As I knuckle down for this piece, Gaza, ominously, seems teetering on the brink of another conflagration. “Gaza is imploding. This is not hyperbole. This is not alarmism. It[…]

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China holds one million Uighur Muslims in concentration camps

OPINION by Khaled A Beydoun Rwanda. East Timor. Myanmar. The world has a cruel habit of ignoring humanitarian disasters until it’s too late. Old habits die hard, and the people targeted by state-led ethnic cleansing programs even harder. But the reports of mass concentration camps and the criminalisation of Islam[…]

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Why Hamas-Israel truce agreement threatens Palestinian unity

OPINION by Safa Joudeh Last week The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Israel issued statements announcing a breakthrough in Pan-Arab efforts to broker a comprehensive ceasefire agreement between the two parties. Even as Israel launched a fresh round of attacks on civilian areas in Gaza in recent days, the Egyptian[…]

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