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I remember different Ramadans

I remember a Ramadan when I was five and I was standing on the stoep of the flat we were living in in District 6 in 1970. My older siblings were already around the boeka table waiting to break their fast. The mosques in District 6 would switch on a[…]

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When a non-Muslim tries fasting during Ramadan

For the last four days, I’ve been fasting, having volunteered to give a non-Muslim perspective on the practice — and I’m already struggling. It’s harder than it looks, and temptation is everywhere. To begin with, the sudden change in routine was more jarring than I imagined it to be. In[…]

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Second phase of Ramadan; Seek Forgiveness

Every Ashra or phase of Ramadan has its particular significance associated with it. With respect to each of the significance, Muslims try pursuing that particular Ashra with that objective in order to achieve the established significance. First ten days of Ramadan has just come to an end and Muslims around[…]

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Ramadan, where the sun does not set

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan begins at the sighting of the new moon in the ninth month of the lunar calendar. During Ramadan (which starts on July 9th this year) observant Muslims around the world abstain from food and drink between sunrise and sunset. Because it follows the lunar calendar, Ramadan[…]

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Tough balancing act for wives in Ramadan

Working women have a tough balancing act in Ramadan, with having to oversee preparation of meals, care for their children and attend to their spiritual duties. An example of their tough schedules has been highlighted on a 30-minute show aired by Al-Arabiya, showing how they have to ensure a proper[…]

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Facing Ramadaan with diabetes

As Muslims around the world prepare for fasting for the month of Ramadaan next week, the Diabetes and Ramadaan International Alliance in partnership with the International Diabetes Federation has released the “New Guidelines on Diabetes Management during Ramadaan”. The guidelines were presented this week by Professor Mahomed Omar. The guidelines[…]

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