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Usually when I go on leave, a huge story breaks. Last year it was Gaza, a few years ago it was the Asian tsunami – so it was quite a relief to see things so relatively calm.
But no sooner was I back behind my desk than there was a fatal shark attack in Cape Town and the devastating Haiti earthquake.
Haiti, a poverty-stricken Caribbean island beset with political, social and economic problems, has alrerady suffered a string of natural disasters – most of them hurrricane related – but nothing could have prepared its citizens for such a massive natural disaster.
It may have been an act of God, but on paper at least, the people of Haiti didn’t deserve what came their way.
As I write this, it’s believed to have been the worst Haiti quake in 200 years, its epicentre only kilometres from Port-Au-Prince, the capital city.
But in Haiti, the former fiefdom of the ghastly tinpot dictator, Papa Doc Duvalier, the tragedy is as much the lack of insfrastructure as it is the tragic deaths and injuries.
For those fatcats in the the cabals of privilege unable to make a responsible decision about the future of the planet, Haiti is the most frightening example of how the poor, the defenceless and the innocent could fare in the future.
As for the shark attack, well I’ve been surfing in those waters for over 30 years. And yes, the sharks were there then, too. But more about “Jaws” on Monday.
Also coming up will be an expose on “Shaikh” Abdullah al-Faisal, the seditious Wahhabi jihadist (imprisoned in the UK for hate speech) who ingratiated himself on to our airwaves – until it was discovered whom he really was. The clumsy Kenyan deportation issue has made him the cause celebre  he has always aspired to….

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