24 April 2019 / 18 Sha’ban 1440

D6 unites with Bo-Kaap


By Zaahidah Meyer

In a brilliant show of camaraderie, the District Six (D6) troupes showed their full support for the Bo-Kaap residents in their ongoing fight for the preservation of Bo-Kaap as a heritage site and to claim back their land.

It was a feast of colour and excitement as some 12 minstrel troupes went head to head in the English Combine, Afrikaans Moppie, Juvenile Combine and Juvenile Sentimental categories. Being no strangers to the issue of land, D6 troupes donned their costumes and sang with pride at the Athlone stadium on Saturday night.

Lyrics to the tune of “Standing all together as one, putting all our troubles aside, fighting for what’s left of our birth land, Bo-Kaap it’s time for you to rise,” gripped the hearts of many.

Writer of the song Zieyaad Hattas said the uprising of Bo-Kaap residents inspired him to write this song.

“Seeing people in the streets of Bo-Kaap breaking their fast in the month of Ramadhaan inspired me to write a song. I felt it was time to stand up and use music as a medium for us to spread the message,” said Hattas.

Hattas said the song was held quite dear to the D6 troupes as most of them are from Bo-Kaap.

“There was a moment on stage where I saw the guys singing with tears in their eyes and holding hands,” Hattas said.

Addressing the issue of slavery, Hattas said song and music was used as a medium for their slaves and forefathers to bring a message across.

“Bo-Kaap does not only belong to the people of Bo-Kaap, it belongs to the Muslims of South Africa.”


Standing all together as one
Putting all our troubles aside
Fighting  what’s left of our birth land
Bo-kaap its time for u to rise

Rise Bo-kaap rise

Standing all together as one x8

Rise Bo-kaap rise
Rise Bo-kaap rise

We stand unite
We stand to fight
This is our homes
The time is right
unite Bo-kaap
Its time to rise
What we’ve been promise
And all the lies

Standing together for the sake of unity
Putting all our difference aside
This is our birth place which is so valuable
Beloved Bo-kaap we must rise

Y must we live in fear not knowing what to do
Believing all these empty promises
Its time we stand as one and make our voices heard
Beloved Bo-kaap we must rise

Standing all together we will make our voices heard
Remaining all united and forever in Brotherhood
Forefathers built these houses we cant afford to loose it all
Rise Bo-Kaap Rise x 4

It is time to stand united we will fight for what was left behind
Gentrification will remove our generation home and ties

Come let’s stand all together
Stand all together x 2
Bo-Kaap as one

This is time we can show how injustice it is
For our land to be compromised (compromised)
It is time we commune and unite as one voice
And take back our right to defend our land

Rise Bo-Kaap, It is our time
Rise Bo-Kaap, stand as one

This is our time, to stand as one and forget all our troubles
Rise Bo-kaap IT IS TIME

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