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Eid on Monday

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While the new moon was not sighted at Three Anchor Bay on Sunday, the Crescent Observers Society (COS) announced that it was sighted elsewhere in South Africa. This means Eid ul-Fitr will be celebrated on Monday, which is the 1st Shawaal 1435.

‘Die Maankykers’ spent over an hour observing the moon and deliberated with counterparts across the country in making the decision. Crowds of onlookers milled around the lawns at the viewing point, waiting nervously for the announcement.

“We had serious deliberations with the Jamiat Ulama in Gauteng, Natal, Mpumalanga and elsewhere. We had a tough discussion taking into discussion a number of factors,” COS Hakim Sheikh Siraj Hendricks.

“We have not sighted the moon here. But we have had major conference and 26 people have sighted the moon around the country. We declare that tomorrow is Eid ul Fitr.”

The crowd at Three Anchor Bay burst into jubilation shortly after the announcement, ending hours of speculation and anticipation. VOC

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  1. Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating Eid tomorrow. May God bless you and your families as you spend time together enjoying food and fellowship.

  2. something is smelly, the announcer clearly sounded disappointed, and said that for the sake of unity they would accept the claimed sighting of the jamiat

    conditions were such that of all the cities capetown had the best chance not only for a sighting through optical help, but the only slim outside chance of an actual sighting,

    further east and northwards the chances were progressively worse,

    i think the claimed sightings in joburg are utter lies,

    saudi “reported” that they sighted which for them was an impossibility, ask any astronomer, muslim or non muslim,

    i think the jamiats with their commitment to the saudis engineered the sightings

    remember a few months ago for a particular month no one sighted the crescent and the announcement was made

    2 or 3 days later ‘a la saudia’ they announced two persons had sighted it but remained quiet because the thought everyone else saw it and reversed their decision

    truth, naked unadulterated truth even when it hurts or not popular is infinitely better than a so-called unity based on falsehood

  3. check the “jamiats” website at the date for today mon 28th july is ‘a la saudia’ ” monday 0 shawwaal”

    following in their masters voice the saudis who had even less chance to sight but announced a sighting by ‘2’ “whole persons”

    the saudis in past has often had “0 ” dates as well as “31” dates

    at least one saudi astronomer pleaded with the high court not to accept the claims of sightings since for arabia it was impossible to sight

    another doctor from saudi im in contact with in answer to my questions said : “….saudi government officially declared that today is 1st shawwaal according to 2 sighters,…although we did not sight the crescent because its impossible …..according to astronomers yesterday…..we also surprised how saudi arabia announced that news!”

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