10 Safar 1440 AH • 20 October 2018

First females Qirā-āt Completion Ceremony


Cape Town will witness the first females-only completion ceremony of a group of young hāfithā who will be completing various qirā-āt, under a female teacher at Darun-Na’im Masjid in Wynberg.
Mu’allimah Ayesha bint Ganief Abrahams is the only female in South Africa to have attained sanad and ijāzah in the 14 Qirā’āt; the Ten canonical Quranic Readings as well as the four extra canonical Readings. She is the only female – full-time teacher – committed to passing on this sacred knowledge to her students.

On Friday, five hāfithāt will be completing their khatms and become part of a sanad, or chain of narration linking all the way up to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), who received it from the Archangel Jibrīl AS, who in turn received it from Allah SWT Himself. Ibn al-Jazari records this as being of the greatest honours and achievements in this world; to be linked to the Messenger of Allah through the Kalām (Divine Speech) of Allah SWT.

Furthermore, the last five links in the chain of narration will be present at this momentous occasion: the students, Mu’allimah Ayesha bint Ganief Abrahams, her first teacher: Moulana Abduragmaan Davids, his teacher: Qari Saleem Gaibie, and his teacher: Qari Ayyub Essack who will be flying in from Johannesburg for the event.

The students are Ml. Radia Bawa, Ml. Kareema Jassiem, Ml. Fuzlin Girie, Ml. Aneesa Jabaar and Ml. Wasfeeya Altalib.

Moreover, the students will receive sanad and ijāzāt from their teacher, which means that they will be issued written authorisation to transmit the Glorious Qur’an on behalf of their teacher. These written ijāzāt record the oral transmission of the Quran from their teacher and transcends 14 centuries of illustrious Qur’anic scholars until it reaches the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself.

Organisers say this is a historic occasion and a milestone for the field of Qirā-āt in South Africa.

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  1. Glossary:
    Ḥāfidh, Arabic, also spelled Ḥāfiḍh. A Ḥāfidh al-Qur’ān is one who has memorised the contents of the Holy Qur’ān. The plural of ḥāfidh is ḥuffādh. Its feminine form is ḥāfidhah, the plural of which is ḥuffādhah.

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