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Fitrah and fidyah calculated

With one week to go before Ramadan, the Muslim Judicial Council Fatwa Committee has announced the cost of fitrah and fidyah for Ramadan 1437. This year, fitrah is calculated to be 4kgs of rice and fidyah is equivalent to 1 kg of rice.  This Ramadan, Muslims will pay R36 for fitrah per person. If you’re unable to fast, you can expect to pay R9 for every day missed.

In a statement, the mufti of the Fatwa Department, Maulana Tauha Karaan said pregnant or breastfeeding mothers who are not able to fast are advised to give fidyah in kind and not in cash.

“Fitrah may be given out any time after Ramadan has begun up to the time the imam ascends the mimbar on the morning of Eid. Failure to give it out within the prescribed period does not absolve one of the duty of giving fitrah, but deprives one of the full merit of fitrah,” he explained.

Fitrah is prescribed as a means of purification for the person who fasts, redressing wrong deeds and undesirable words uttered during fasting. It is also a relief-aid to the needy.

Fitrah is an obligation on the person and his dependants such as his wife, children who have not reached maturity and parents.

Fidyah is a donation of money or food made to help those in need. Fidyah is given when someone is pregnant, breastfeeding, ill or of extreme age (old or young) and cannot fast for the required amount of days. In Ramadan, the Fidyah can be made for any amount of days.

According to Karaan, fidyah becomes wajib day by day and it must not be given in advance.

“It can only be given for a particular day once that day has started. It is therefore advisable to delay fidyah until the end of Ramadan.”

Community organisations involved in the collection and distribution of fitrah and fidyah are advised to ask their beneficiaries if they prefer fitrah in cash or kind.

“Where no compelling reason exists to act otherwise, the preference of those who opt to receive in cash should be accommodated.” VOC

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