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Gatvol’s new Cape Coloured Congress looks to contest in 2021

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Pressure group Gatvol Capetonian has launched a new political party, the Cape Coloured Congress, In the hopes of contesting and winning 2021’s local government elections in the Western Cape. The party’s leader, Fadiel Adams, says the need for the party stems from clear marginalisation and side-lining of the coloured community of South Africa and that accordingly the core issue behind the party “is not about race” but rather “fairness”.

Despite the name, Adams says anyone may join the party, “provided that they have the best interests of the coloured people at heart.” He has also indicated that Gatvol Capetonian the movement will always be around, irrespective of the creation of the new Cape Coloured Congress.

The party registered with the IEC on Wednesday, however the commission said it has not been confirmed as yet, as the process takes month.

“This is an aggressive party that will not pull punches, it will have everyone’s rights at heart but will have a very narrow focus – the coloured people,” said Adams.

“We’re not going into this election to contest, we’re going into the elections to win it. We want to give the land back to its rightful owners and there’s only one way we can do it – [and that’s] not if we’re in a coalition as a minor partner or party.”

Adams says that a vote for the DA is no different to a vote for the ANC, and vice versa, as far as the coloured people are concerned. However, he acknowledges that defeating both these parties will be a mammoth task and has called on all coloured individuals voting for the DA in the Western Cape to ‘see what black people have seen’ about the party, saying that it is exclusionary, right-wing and caters for white people only.

“Black people have seen it – now let’s see if the coloured people have,” he said.

“These people are intent on hurting us, marginalising us and side-lining us. We’re here to upset that status quo. The Cape Flats and coloured people as a whole need a voice and we’re going to give it to them.”

The main issues to be tackled by the party relate to land, unemployment and a lack of opportunity for coloured people.

With regard to financial support, Adams says the party requires funding.

“Our own people will have to back us and contribute… I’ve faced financial ruin because of what we do here. I put my everything into this. If our people are serious about a better life, we shouldn’t go begging,” insisted Adams.

“I don’t want to be in the pockets of big businessmen like a Malema…if this thing cannot be run by the community, then I don’t know. This party belongs to the people. It’s for the benefit of the people.”

Adams promised the electorate that if the Cape Coloured Congress is voted into leadership, shortly thereafter land in areas like Constantia and District Six, from where non-whites were forcefully removed, will be given to its rightful owners.

“We are going back home [to] District Six and Constantia… if we get enough votes I swear to you, three to four months after our counsellors take their seats, the bulldozers will come in to clear your land.”

“We need to trust our own leadership.”

It is done.

Posted by Gatvol, The Movement on Wednesday, 4 December 2019


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