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Gaza march: together in unity

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A crowd of epic proportion gathered outside Parliament on Wednesday in a solidarity march for Palestine. Capetonians from across the city, some people trekking as far as Johannesburg, draped themselves in red, green, black and white – the colours of the Palestinian flag.

From afar it seemed as though the streets were about to flood, not with melancholy but with conviction for peace. A turbulent roar from the microphone with an infusion of “amandla- awethu” and “Free Palestine” echoed into the crowd.

The march was escorted cordially by police services and those partaking followed avidly behind the mobile stage. Parents, teenagers, children in prams and elderly in wheelchairs were amongst the masses that met at Keizersgracht in District Six. As everyone assembled it seemed as though the sea of people would not end. It was liberating to see such a united front for a just cause.

Palestinian flags were paraded in support for those who are being oppressed along the Gaza strip. It was a call for freedom by all walks of life expressing the ideals that this is not a religious fight but an outright massacre of civilians.

Tears were shed amongst the elderly as they came to grips with the ordeal. The loud speakers gripped the attention of some 40 000 people who took the time to pray and divert all their attention to the people of Palestine.

A plea to ban big pro-Israeli products and companies was made as to not aid the oppressors. A staunch message was brought across that it was not an anti-Jewish campaign or an anti anything for that matter. The march was to bring knowledge, power, and solidarity amongst the community who stood in support of Palestine. The church opposite Parliament opened its’ doors to whom ever needed a place to rest and stand as the proceedings had commenced. A band of photographers were snapping away from the high hall attempting to capture the vast numbers that came in support.

Colourful signs were paraded as the march progressed and the chanting became ever stronger. And the biggest battle was getting as close to the mobile platform as one could. It was a peaceful march that embodied everything in a positive light. There were no riots and no weapons. All masks and facial covers were requested to be removed as to not draw negative and unwanted attention.

A positive outcome with the result in a one million rand donation to a fund for the Palestinian crisis had even been awarded. This march has proven that violence does not necessarily have to be the answer in all situations. The crowd walked with enough love in their hearts for the people of Palestine that hate for their oppressors. It was a whimsical spectacle to be apart of such a mass movement that consisted of civilians who took the time to express their feelings towards the situation in Gaza. VOC (Ra-eesa Mohamed)

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  1. It is indeed strange that we decided that no Hizbollah flags were to be displayed. The zionists and their allies see Hizbollah as their enemy yet we, because of our Sunni blinkers and uncritical support for the Ikhwan – in their alliance with empire against Assad- we have chosen to say Hizbollah are now enemies. Yet, a few years ago we were all Hizbollah.

    I am not an apologist for Hizbollah. I critically support them. When I agree with them I say so and where I disagree I say so. But they will not be enemies. It is the same whether one supports the Unity Movement, ANC/Charterist Alliance, BCM, EFF. As long as people are of the opprssed and not in alliance with empire I will agree and disagree on issues whilst in a common front with the enemy. Otherwise how does honest debate and disagreement in struggle take place. Many of us have never seen struggle but we have idealistic, abstract principles that betray our lack of struggle credentials.

    Hizbollah are holding the line against zionism and they are supporting their supply lines. Leaders from the Syrian National Front have been puppets of the CIA, MI5 and the French Intelligence. They made commitments to the zionists about the Golan Heights and the Palestinian Occupied Territories to prove their worthiness of serving empire. Now many of us either do not know this or do not care. But there will be those of us who will disagree with Hizbollah on some issues and support it on others. We refuse to be like Yusuf Qardawi who has been flapping in the wind. Why do people, instead of criticizing Hizbollah, not isolate Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and their imperial masters.

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