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#HandsOffAlAqsa in pictures

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Some 4000 protesters streamed through the streets of the Cape Town CBD, all chanting calls for the liberation of al-Aqsa Masjid. Beginning in Keizersgracht Street, people donned in shades of red, black, white and green began the traditional route of Cape protests, ending at the gates of Parliament, where a memorandum of demands was read. This in response to the recent increase of security measures at the masjid, which is located in East Jerusalem. Organized by the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) and the al-Quds Foundation, the march began with protesters lining the streets of the historic District Six land.

After hours of discussion, Israeli authorities this week announced the removal of the metal detectors installed at the Lion’s Gate at al-Aqsa compound. Israel will however not remove the security cameras installed late last week. Palestinians are continuing their call for the compound to be returned to the state it was prior to 14 July, saying they will protest until their demands are met. The security measures were implemented following the killing of two Israeli guards. Since the incident, at least three Palestinians were killed in clashes.

Memorandum of demands detailed, READ:


The march symbolically started at 11h00 from the Zeenatul Islam Masjid, which stands on the grounds of the iconic District Six land.
President of the MJC, Shaykh Irafaan Abrahams humbly urged that he wished to walk with the crowd.

The crowd chanted calls in protest against the occupation of al-Aqsa

Posted by Voice of the Cape Radio – VOC on Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The metal detectors, which were installed by Israeli authorities following the July 14 attack, are clearly visible. Israel has since announced its removal.
The estimated 4000-strong group of protesters made their way to Parliament in an orderly stream. Photo: Thakira Desai

Shaykh Ebrahim Gabriels addressed demonstrators from the truck in Keizergracht Street as the solidarity march for al-Aqsa got underway.

Honourable Shaykh Ebrahim Gabriels addressing demonstrators from the truck in Keizergracht street as the solidarity march for Al Aqsa gets underway

Posted by Voice of the Cape Radio – VOC on Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The crowd was filled with young and old. Photo: Thakira Desai
Many of the protesters asserted their support by donning the colours of the the Palestinian flag from head to toe. Photo: Thakira Desai
The march was led by a trio of bikers, each sporting the Palestinian flag. Photo: Thakira Desai
Photo: Thakira Desai
While few organisations attended the march, the Islamic Institute for the Deaf, al-Waagah, ensured their support for Palestine did not go unnoticed.
Others urged Israel to heed the call for the liberation of Palestine, citing historical events in which Jews were persecuted.
Protesters quickly made their way through the streets of the CBD with the sound of liberation songs and the takbir echoing from the crowd. Photo: Thakira Desai
Protesters held placards with the hashtag that has become synonymous with the outbreak of protests at al-Aqsa over the past ten days: #HandsOffAlAqsa
Shaykh Riad Fataar delivering an emotive speech to the crowd
[Photo: Shafiq Morton]
Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Mandla, was met with tears when he sounded the takbir as he took the stage to begin his speech. Photo: Thakira Desai

Brothers and sisters, 
Mothers and Elders,
Fathers and young people.

Today we raise our voices in protest because Apartheid Israel denies peace justice and dignity to the Palestinian people just as it has done since the day it was created.

Today we raise our voice in protest because what Madiba described as “the greatest moral issue of our time” has become “the greatest disgrace of our time” as the world stands by in silence whilst Palestine bleeds.

Today we say to the Zionist State of Israel. Your oppression brutality and cruelty will not deter us nor the brave Palestinian people from fighting for freedom.

Today we say Hands off Al Aqsa…Hands off Al Aqsa…hands off Al Aqsa!

Today we say to our South African government expel the Israeli Ambassador and cut all ties with Israel.

We demand that all ties be cut with Israel…no trade ties no cultural ties and no travel!

We demand that Israel complies with International law and demand the return of 6 million Palestinian refugees driven from the land of their birth

We demand that all occupied land be returned and we condemn the continued expansion of illegal Israeli settlements on Palistinian land.

Today we call on the International community and all who love justice, peace and dignity in the world. You stood by us through our most darkest moments in our struggle against the brutal South African Apartheid regime. We call on you to stand in solidarity with the suffering Palestinian people.

Today we stand to salute the brave and fearless Palestinian people who are facing the brutal might of the Israeli army to defend Masjidul Aqsa with their bare hands.

We say to them…you will never stand alone…our voices will not be silenced…we feel your suffering…we feel your pain…we are united in our goal to free Palestine!

Madiba reminded us that: “our freedom is incomplete until Palestine is free!” 

– Mandla Mandela

Chief Mandla and his wife Nkosikazi Nosekeni Rabia brought along their new addition, Mntwanenkosi Mandela Ikraam.  Photo: Thakira Desai
Addressing the crowd, the Palestinian Museum’s Dr. Anwah Nagia asserted the view that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not a conflict of religion, but rather a gross violation of human rights. Photo: Thakira Desai
Local Lavender Hill rapper, Abdurahman, used his talent to voice support for the martyrs of Palestine.
Chief Mandla Mandela stood alongside members of the MJC and al-Quds Foundation as the South African government was called to end all diplomatic relations with the Zionist State.
Shaykh Ihsaan Taliep reminded the crowd of the legacy of the struggle stalwarts of South Africa.

“Fellow citizens of the world, brothers and sisters…our common humanity is intimately intertwined and interlinked and that in fact we cannot consider ourselves to be free if we stand by silently, unmoved by the gross violation of human dignity and the basic human rights of the Palestinians.”  – Shaykh Ihsaan Taliep

Shaykh Muhammed Hilal


The Palestinian flag lit-up the CBD in its distinct colours. Photo: Thakira Desai

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