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‘I don’t want women getting beaten up & their records crushed’: Zuby on trans sport issue (VIDEO)

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[Video Source: YouTube / RT UK]

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The only way to tackle the “gross injustice” of the trans sport issue is to “snap out of delusion” and be intellectually consistent, otherwise risk of annihilating women from sport, according to British rapper Zuby.

UK-based rapper Zuby, who identified as female to break a handful of British women’s weightlifting records, says that misplaced compassion from progressives on the trans sport issue should be replaced with “intellectual consistency” if female athletes aren’t to suffer being unfairly “crushed” and forced out of sport.

A host of female former athletes, including tennis great Martina Navratilova and Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies, have been vehemently vocal on the slippery subject of permitting trans athletes to compete in women’s sport.

Navratilova, the all-time leading Grand Slam winner in women’s tennis, frankly remarked that athletes cannot simply “proclaim themselves a female” because “having a penis and competing as a woman” would not be fair to biologically female athletes.

Davies used the of transgender champion female weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, who set junior weightlifting records in New Zealand before transitioning to a women and going on to win a World Championships silver medal, as an example of the natural strength advantage in biological males.

Zuby went one step further. Although some commentators claim biological variations between the opposite sexes presents no unjust edge when relating to physical activity, the artist challenged both arguments by filming himself smashing the records while identifying as female to prove a point.

He believes progressives and liberals controverting his argument “do not have a leg to stand on” if they accept biologically male athletes who align with the female gender to compete in women’s sport.

In the second installment of an interview with RT Sport, Zuby explains the dangers of delusion and why compassion needs to be focused on female athletes, rather than making concessions for their transgender counterparts at their expense, to save women’s sport and potentially lives.

Certain people appear to be trying to ignore some simple facts of biology – namely that biological men are stronger than biological women. Do you think those people harbor any intentional malice?

I do think people can be so compassionate in a way that they can become not compassionate in another way. So you’re not thinking about these female athletes who have been pushing perhaps their entire lives to get in certain positions or compete in certain competitions or what not and I know that if I were a female, if I were born a woman and I’m a woman and I’m competing in any of these sports and then someone who was a man last year kind of steps up and starts dominating myself and all these other women in these sports, then I would think that that is a gross injustice.

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What do you think needs to change?

I don’t know why those people who claim to be progressive or compassionate or whatever are not looking at it also from that other angle and thinking wait hang on, given what we know about men and women and the biological differences is this going to be fair on women and I think the categorical answer to that question is no.

Perhaps it would come down to those female athletes stepping up and saying their piece because they are the ones it would be directly affecting. It’s not gonna be happening the other way round, you’re not gonna have women transitioning into men and dominating men in sport. And the fact that that in itself is not happening, and will not happen, that is enough to show that there is a difference.

Do you think that it will take perhaps someone to lose their life – maybe in combat sports competing against a trans athlete – for people to admit that difference?

I genuinely hope it will not have to come to that, I do hope that people will think sensibly, objectively, get out of their feelings a little bit and stop worrying about trying to be overly virtuous or overly progressive or whatever phrase they think they’re being and just look at the situation very objectively. So I hope that people will sort of snap out of this delusion to be honest with you.

Do you think that will happen?

I wouldn’t want to see women getting harmed, beaten up, getting the records crushed, by people who are biologically still men. It’s not fair, it’s not right, it’s not correct. And hopefully people can zoom out a little bit and look at the issue and hopefully it will not have to go that far.

On the flip side, maybe you’ll need to have a whole bunch of men transitioning into women and taking all the records and dominating all the sports and maybe that’s what it will take for people to finally be like hang on this is not right.

Some progressives or liberals who refute your claim you identified as female during the lift, but refuse to challenge any biological male that wants to be considered female and compete in women’s sports. What would you say to those people? 

I would say be intellectually consistent. If you are preaching and promoting that somebody can be whatever they claim to be and you cannot question it and that needs to be acknowledged and recognized and accepted by everybody else and that’s mandatory, then you therefore cannot criticize. You then do not have a leg to stand on to say that I was not in fact a woman at the time of that lift.

(Source: Russia Today)

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