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I’m not praying for Paris: Esack

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Local Muslim academic, Professor Farid Esack, said he was “sickened” by the expectation that he has to condemn those involved in the attacks in Paris.

“I am not praying for Paris; I am not condemning anyone. Why the hell should I? I had nothing to do with it,” Esack, who is from the University of Johannesburg’s Centre for the Study of Democracy, said in a Facebook post.

“I am sickened by the perpetual expectations to condemn. I walk away from your shitty racist and Islamophobic expectations that whenever your chickens come home to roost then I must feign horror.

“Stop supporting and funding terror outfits, get out of other people’s lands and continents, stop outlawing peaceful resistance such as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, to occupations, abandon your cultural imperialism, destroy your arms industry that provides the weapons that kill hundreds of thousands of others every year.

“The logic is quite simple: When you eat, it’s stupid to expect that no shit will ever come out from your body. Yes, I feel sorry for the victims on whom the shit falls. But, bloody hell, own it; it’s yours!” he said.

Esack told News24 that he was speaking in his post to Western powers that had waged war on Muslim countries and that supported the invasion of Muslim countries.

Gunmen and suicide bombers launched a series of attacks on Friday at several locations in Paris, killing at least 132 people.

The simultaneous attacks took place at some of the French capital’s most popular night-spots, including a sold-out concert hall, at restaurants and bars and outside France’s national stadium.

The self-styled Islamic State has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attacks. News24

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  1. bravo prof ml farid, the west and turkey and saudia and the gulf states created armed trained etc the fsa alnusra isil isis and then islamic state, and when their frankenstein bites back they want to curtail the bite back section and accord freedom to the section still running rampant in iraq and especially syria,

    on the other side its supporters of these isis takfiri scum who fed into the lie, locally all those who went to help the syrian "people" entered syria illegally through turkey, those includes our local sheikh irafaan abrahams and company and all those families and youngsters exclusively from a tableeghie background, they made it a sunni shia affair even locally , importing hate speech besides their own,

    even an advert by the shia in capetown to pray for rain on this past sunday afternoon was met with scorn and counters that the shia are not muslim

    no rain came after "their" prayers for rain more than a week before

    wihin 24 hours of the shia praying publicly for rain, ……it rained

    allah swt grace comes in "strange" ways, perhaps henchforth they will count their words BEFORE they vocalise their hate

  2. A wonderful “Mubahala” in the middle of a drought. Are we meant to believe that when the sunnis prayed their duah were rejected and when the shiah’s prayed and their duah was accepted. It rained and rained and rained and even killed a driver on the highway and took out the roofs of many poor and destitute folk in the townships. So how can we be sure as to who’s prayers were being answered as if we had a direct vodacom line to the heaven’s above. If any-one does then please give me the number. We should share all of our our barakah! We brothers after all! Neither sunni, no shia, no christian, nor jew, nor hindu should use this very serious issue which we are facing collectively as a country, as a sectarian football and sadly these elements from certain quarters are doing exactly that. Yes, the duah was answered. Offcourse it was because no one other than the Creator can answer prayers and this was due to the COLLECTIVE effort across all those who consider themselves part of the ummah. This is the power of unity. Congrats to all my sunni and shia brothers.

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