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IRSA embarks on Qurbani campaign

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As Muslims across the globe eagerly await the auspicious Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, Islamic Relief South Africa (IRSA) are in turn set to embark on their annual Qurbani campaign for 2014. The local relief group has called on South Africans to assist with the sponsorship of Qurbanis’, which will be distributed to the poorest of the poor in various countries.

The countries that have been identified by IRSA for this year’s campaign constitute a mix of conflict, drought, and poverty stricken areas. They include India, Sri Lanka, Chad, Niger, Syria, Palestine, Zimbabwe, as well as South Africa.

Speaking to VOC’s Breakfast Beat, IRSA community fundraiser, Ismat Mahomed, highlighted the importance of keeping the spirit and practice of Qurbani alive. He urged community members to look beyond simply conducting their own Qurbanis’, by digging a little deeper into their pockets this year, and assisting some of the more destitute people around the world.

“If I take you to a country like Chad, currently there a 2 million people who are starving because of the drought situation. People go to the extent of eating the excretion of animals to survive. They go to the extent of losing their children to malnutrition because they have no food,” he explained.

Mahomed said that by assisting with the Qurbani campaign, the community were not only providing those destitute individuals with a meal to eat, but were also boosting their confidence and providing them with a sense of hope.

“By giving them the spirit of Qurbani, you are uplifting their lives. You are showing them that there are Muslims in the world that care for them,” he said.

In light of the recent 50-day conflict and continued blockade of the Gaza Strip, IRSA have also re-intensified its efforts to assist those in the troubled region. According to Mahomed, it was imperative to keep the spirits of the Palestinian people alive, by letting them share in the spirit of the Qurbani.

The prices for IRSA’s Qurbani campaign are:

India/Sri Lanka – R550 per share for a Buffalo.

Zimbabwe – R750 per goat

Chad/Niger – R750 per share for a cow.

Syria – R2300 per sheep

Palestine – R4500 per share on a cow

South Africa- R1450 per sheep, R1100 per share on a cow, and R7700 per cow.

Anyone wishing to contribute towards the IRSA Qurbani campaign, can visit their offices at 62 Little Road, Athlone. Alternatively, you may contact IRSA via the number 021 696 0145. VOC (Mubeen Banderker)

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