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Intelligence cop accused of threatening Krejcir

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Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir has alleged a police intelligence officer threatened him over his bail application in the case in which he and four others are accused of killing businessman Sam Issa.

He told the Germiston Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday Captain Candice Coetzee, who drives him from Zonderwater Prison to court and back daily, had, after his testimony against her on Tuesday, tried for the first time to handcuff him from the back.

Usually he is cuffed from the front and they smoke and talk on the long journey between Zonderwater Prison and back, Krejcir said.

But suddenly on his way back after his bail application on Tuesday, Coetzee said he should be cuffed from behind because police had received information about a threat against him.

“I said ‘Coetzee stop this nonsense, because you know I have got a problem with my shoulders… so eventually she say no, cuff him in the front, let’s go’,” said Krejcir.

He went further, accusing Coetzee of being the “right hand man” of Captain Nkosinathi ‘Killer’ Ximba who, he claims, tortured him after his arrest and has threatened to kill him.

Revenge for testimony

He interpreted Coetzee’s trying to cuff him from the back as revenge for his testimony that she had tried to coerce him on July 7 into withdrawing his bail application in exchange for not pursuing new charges against him.

This allegation led to a heated exchange between Krejcir’s advocate, Annelene van den Heever, and prosecutor, Lawrence Gcaba, over why he had not raised the previous threats earlier to test the credibility of his claim.

Krejcir said he had been organising recording equipment with his lawyer, and had managed to record a small amount, but also that he had not had enough time to consult properly with his lawyers.

Coetzee stared at Krejcir with a resigned and irritated expression on her face as she listened to his allegations over the handcuffing issue.

Krejcir faces nine charges along with Bulgarian Lybohir Grigorov, Mfaniseni Memela, Nkanyiso Mafunda and Siboniso Miya after Issa was gunned down at an intersection in Bedfordview.

Of the at least 30 cartridges found on the scene, some were matched to an AK47 stolen from Issa in a robbery in September, with the robbery forming part of the charges against the group.

Krejcir denied any part whatsoever in Issa’s murder, saying he believed there was a conspiracy against him. He has implicated National Prosecuting Authority prosecutor Gerrie Nel, Colonel Ximba, private investigator Paul O’Sullivan and National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega, and now Coetzee in his bid for bail.

The state is opposing bail, saying Krejcir had a vast collection of fake passports that he had used since he first cycled out of the Czech Republic as Thomas Tomega, finally landing in Seychelles where he obtained two more passports through political connections, one of which is in his own name.

Fled Czech Republic for political reasons

He said he had fled the Czech Republic for political reasons after he had backed the opposition party. When his father was killed and his body dissolved in acid, he made the decision to hop on a bike and leave the country.

But once in the Seychelles, he got wind of another threat against his life, emanating from the Czech Republic, and fled to South Africa as Egbert Savy. He applied for asylum, which was refused, but he is appealing the decision.

Some of the accused in the myriad of cases Krejcir faces are policemen.

Krejcir said he wants to be able to go home under house arrest, with a monitoring bracelet and to be with his family, instead of sitting in prison doing nothing.

He said he is wealthy with “hundreds of millions” and has no need to rob or kill anybody for money.

Other cases Krerjcir face include allegedly trying to have private investigator O’Sullivan and investigating officer Ximba killed, in what is known as ‘the Sandton case’.

The other is for the alleged torture and attempted murder of a man whose brother disappeared with a consignment of drugs, known as ‘the Katlehong case’. Three of the accused in that case are members of the organised crime unit.

Krejcir pressed on with his allegations against Coetzee, but Gcaba questioned why, if Coetzee was out to get him, she and Captain Freddy Ramohala would take him to a dentist, and why she would pay for the treatment.

“This act that she actually says ‘I am the one who sorted out the dentist’ is supposed to convince you that she is a nice person and wants to help me, to prove to him that she can trust him,” said Krejcir.

‘You guys are framing me’

Then he dropped a bombshell, saying he and Coetzee had known each other for a long time.

He said that after the murder of Cyril Beeka in an apparent drive-by shooting, she went “underground”, and when she re-emerged, Ximba was her boss, said Krejcir.

“You guys, you’re framing me now,” said Krejcir.

Beeka fits into the picture through testimony by a dying George Louca, the man accused of murdering strip club owner Lolly Jackson.

Louca said that it wasn’t him that had murdered Jackson, but Krejcir. He said that Beeka was also at the house and he got scared, called police commissioner Joey Mabasa, and fled South Africa for Cyprus.

A court document handed in purports to be a statement from Louca in Cyprus before he was extradited back to South Africa. In this document he says that intelligence officers had tried to offer him money to lie and say that Krejcir had shot Jackson, but he had refused because Krejcir could not be implicated.

Louca has since died of lung cancer while in custody.

But Krejcir’s relationship with Mabasa brought proceedings to a halt on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, he had said he did not know Mabasa well, but that their wives had tried to start a business together.

But, revisiting this on Wednesday through questions from Gcaba, he said he had been introduced to Mabasa by his then lawyer, Ian Small-Smith, as a go-to guy if he had problems. This was in a statement Krejcir had made to police in May 2010.

The introduction took place at Krejcir’s house in Kloof Street, Johannesburg. Krejcir said in the statement he introduced Mabasa to Louca because Louca had a problem with a person called Oscar who was blackmailing him.

But things came to a sudden halt after Krejcir’s lawyer objected to the line of questioning and the court record had to be consulted.

The application continues. News24

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