18 April 2019 / 12 Sha’ban 1440

Latest traffic news as new protests grip Cape Town, Johannesburg and Limpopo


A fresh wave of protests kicked-off across South Africa on Monday morning, as angered township residents take to the streets to make their voices heard. However, the demonstrations aren’t just being confined to neighbourhoods and they’re having a drastic impact on the flow of traffic in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Limpopo.

It has been two weeks since the Alex Total Shutdown protests sparked a wave of fury across the country. Many other disgruntled citizens – who are fed-up with poor service delivery and broken political promises – have followed their lead, burning tyres and blocking popular commuter routes.

Traffic news for South Africa on Monday 15 April:

Johannesburg traffic latest and protest action

The Rabie Ridge area of Johannesburg is currently in the midst of a total shutdown, as exits and entrances to the region have been completely blocked. There have also been reports of “land grab” attempts here. Protesters were in full-force before dawn, and have made commuting through the area an impossibility this morning:

AVOID: Routes currently affected by protest action

  • Golden Highway and Main Eldorado Park.
  • Corner of Claim & Pretorius Street in Hillbrow
  • Yeoville and Berea along Tudhope Street.

Cape Town traffic latest and protest action

Ottery, on the outskirts of town, has also played host to some disruptive behaviour on Monday morning. Residents have been proving how gatvol they are by burning tyres and causing chaos on the roads:

AVOID: Routes currently affected by protest action

  • Strandfontein Road is closed to traffic between New Ottery Road and Klip Road.
  • Ottery Road is closed at Varkensvlei Road.

Limpopo traffic latest and protest action

Protests in Ga Sekgopo – to the north of Tzaneen – began last week, but seem to have been revived on Monday morning. Locals are protesting for their basic rights to service delivery. Things have got quite violent here, and there have been reports of passing vehicles getting pelted by stones.

(Source: The South African)

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