Madina Institute SA hosts Orange the World Youth Summit


The second Orange the World (OTW) Youth Summit kicked off at 9am at the Muizenberg Civic Centre this morning.

Hundreds of youth from areas & faiths across Cape Town have come together to tackle real community issues such as ‘Bulling’ & ‘Sexual Harassment’.

The initiative started as part of the Annual United Nations 16 Days of Activism program.

The South African Youth is a big voice in stamping out the issues that weaken the moral fibre of its communities.

Dr Fatima Hendricks (one of the organising members of the OTW Youth Summit and head of the Madina Institute Centre for Nonviolence and Peace Studies) met with the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, yesterday briefly explaining the OTW Youth Summit.

The summit comes at a time when South Africa’s greatest challenges are crime, poverty & corrupt leadership.

Today’s program that runs untill 3pm includes power talks, demos, and interactive team work.

Dr Fatima in an interview said:’ not only will those attending be able to engage on the topics but they will be empowered with an education to protect themselves and return to their communities to empower others too.’

Volunteers from Planet Mercy SA have been hard at work since the early hours of the morning in assisting on the catering for the day and many sponsors are on board in empowering the Youth Summit as a powerful initiative in bringing our youth together in addressing real issues.

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