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Madrassa On-Air P2: I am a Muslim, what is expected of me?

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Bismillahi al-Rahman al-Rahim

Theme: Developing Islam in me

I am a Muslim – What is expected of me?

As a Muslim there are certain expectations that I need to live by:

  • Where do I come from?
  • Come to know my purpose.
  • What is my objective?
  • How do I fulfill my purpose and reach my objective?
  • I am human with many qualities. The greatest of those qualities is that I differ from other creation with my faculty of intellect.  The ability to think, reflect, ponder and decide; thus if I use it properly I will realise that I constitute of wonderful favours: the ability to think, see, hear, taste, feel, interact etc…. So where do I come from? Was I washed out by the sea? Did I fall from a tree? Do I come from an ape? Or was I created? Who created me? These questions are answered by He who created everything: Surah Alaq (96) Verses 1 – 5 and Surah Isra (17) Verse 70
  • Do I have a purpose to fulfill? Surah Ali Imran (3) Verses 190 – 191 And so if everything has a purpose, what is my purpose? Surah Adh Dhariyat (51) verse 56
  • Is there an objective for me to reach? Surah Ali Imraan (3) verse 185 7 Surah 23 verses 1 – 11.
  1. The answer is it is only possible with the permission and decree of Allah for we should know that nothing can and will ever happen without Allah’s permission and decree. Therefore we should know that neither you nor I would have been born from our mothers and fathers if it was not part of the decree of Allah. So we then f…. confirm that we are here via our parents but because of the decree of Allah, that Allah created us.  He is our Lord, our Creator and our Sustainer feeding us with all His favours that we enjoy.  Now we know where we come from and how fortunate we are to be the slaves of the Great Lord who supports and cares for us.  He is the Mighty, the Powerful and everything belongs to Him and whatever happens, happens because of His decree.
  1. I need to know my purpose

* Do I have a purpose or is my being here purposeless?

* If there is no purpose to my being, then I could live as I want and nobody should enforce their laws on me as I am a free being accountable to none and not responsible towards            anybody which means I could make and do whatever I want.  What type of world would we         then be living in?  Total anarchy, everything haphazard, no structure, no reason of purpose?    (Would that be the reason Allah created me?)


Or do I have a purpose? And do I need to know my purpose?  Yes there should be a purpose that purpose?

As we have previously confirmed that we come from Allah and that He is our Lord, our Creator   and our Sustainer.  So what has Allah created us for? What is the purpose of our creation?  Why  did Allah place us on earth?  We already came to the conclusion that it cannot be purposeless, so   let us hear fromAllah what the answer is in Suraah  Ad Dhariat 51 verse 56  (And Icreated not  the Jinn and the human race except that they should worhip me) Here Allah says to us that the sole purpose of our creation is to worship Him alone.  Please check Surah 3 Ali Imraan verse    51, Surah 6 Al Anam verse 103, Surah 10 Yunus verse3, Surah 19 Maryam verse 36, Surah 21  Anbiyahverses 25 &    92, Surah 29 Ankabut verse 56, Surah 39 Zumar verse 4, Surah 43 Zukhruf verse 64.

If I, Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of everything to be my Lord and I can accept that He           should tell me what my purpose is, then it is the easiest thing to reach the fulfillment of that   purpose.


  1. What is my objective?
  • What do I understand by the word objective ? What does it mean?
  • My objective would be that thing that I would love to obtain due to my effort and commitment for my action
  • Should I have an objective for everything that I do? YES! As without an objective one will not be committed, neither would one put in the necessary effort to do anything.
  • So what could be my objective? It all depends on me – what is it that I would love to obtain from my efforts & commitment. In the advice of Allah and His messenger Nabi (SAW) our objective should be to obtain the satisfaction of Allah for our efforts and commitment.  And if that, the satisfaction of Allah is our objective, then we have obtained the best of this world and the hereafter. Refer Surah 55 Ar Rahman verse 119, Surah 9 Taubah verse 100, Surah 98 Bayyina verse 8

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