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Majlis goes snap, crackle – and pop!

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Just who exactly is this ‘Majlis’? Whilst the strict lexical term for the word is a ‘sitting’, in reality the Majlis is a ghostly ‘presence’. Its ether, in the form of Post-Box 3393, has haunted us for decades. hodjasdonkey
And lest I be accused of playing the man, rather than the ball (or Post Box) – I don’t know whether the ‘Majlis’ is man, woman, committee, or comrade. All I know is that it ‘sits’, usually in judgement.
The mouthpiece of this mysterious Majlis is a rag-sheet called – surprise, surprise – the ‘Majlis’ which emanates from a sleepy coastal city, Port Elizabeth. It has a masthead that has not changed for 20 years, and in its columns it has consistently preached hellfire and brimstone.
In recent years, it has also taken up the cause of slandering halal certification bodies and creating calumny amongst scholars.
My first encounter with the Majlis was in 1990. This was when it declared that Coca-Cola was haram. Surprisingly, this censure was not based on Coca-Cola in Israel, the usual reason for bannings or boycotts. Rather, it was because Coke had alcohol in it.
When we dared to question this highly dubious judgment my editor was called, amongst other things, a “bearded lady”.
My next crossing of paths was in, of all places, New York. I was leaving the ‘West Indian’ mosque on a hot August night in 1997 when three young men came up to me. “Are you from South Africa?” they asked.
“We are supporters of the Majlis,” they declared. I did not have time to ask these breathless young men whether they’d been to South Africa. I could only assume that they must have been Tablighis, a missionary group that journeys across the globe in search of the souls of misguided modernists, errant Sufis and sinners.
Its name and fame in the US aside, the Majlis caught my eye for the third time last year when it launched a frontal attack on the Muslim Judicial Council’s Halal Trust and the South African National Halal Association (SANHA).
Claiming that a halal chicken farm was run along non-halal lines, the Majlis created wholesale confusion in the community. My only surprise was that the Majlis did not end up being sued for millions in the High Court.
But last week the Majlis crossed my desk again. SANHA were in the crosshairs. “SANHA Halaalizes Kelloggs Pork and Beef Contaminated Products” thundered a leaflet from Post-Box 3393.
Handed the story at work, I decided to check out the Majlis on the internet to see how its universe had expanded – or shrunk. Its presence on the net (given its condemnation of photographs, pictures, TV, music, dancing, singing and the female voice) is somewhat paradoxical.
However, I could soon see that the Majlis had been in fine fettle. Its fiery phraseology and flowery syntax remained undiminished in its enthusiasm to declare unbelief and hypocrisy.
Clicking randomly on the topics, I discovered that “hooting, photos, videos and mixing of the sexes” at weddings were deemed “evil, satanic exhibitions” of (sic) “adultery”.
The colour-coded Qur’an, designed to help the non-Arabic tongue with pronunciation, was a “trap for Satan”. Blood transfusion – deemed permissible by the overwhelming majority of scholars – was forbidden.
Being from the media (radio) I decided to check out what the Majlis had pronounced on this front. It wasn’t good. Channel Islam was “Channel Shaitan” and, goodness gracious me, music was played “with impunity” on the devil’s airwaves.
It begged the question: how do you exactly “punish” someone for playing music? Bring out the firing squads?
Apart from being a “platform for prohibitions”, the radio stations mentioned (Channel “Shaitan” and Durban’s Radio Al-Ansaar) were in serious trouble with the Majlis. Al-Ansaar had “flagrantly violated” the laws of hijab, as well as publicising and prostituting the female voice.

When it came to the religious scholars the Majlis fire was still burning strong. The learned men who appeared on the radios were not only accused of making tabligh (religious message) of sodomy, but they were also the “lewd agents of Iblis”.
If that wasn’t enough, some of the scholars were “holy cows roaming about freely”. Well, at least they had pastures in which to graze.
“No-one who understands the Prophetic concept of morality will accept these evil stations to be lawful,” opined the Majlis, adding that “any form of haram support for these radio stations is haram (sic).”
So you can imagine my sense of anticipation when I read the Kellogs “halaalization” leaflet. It didn’t disappoint. On the comedy Richter scale it rated a solid seven. This was because none of its pieces, hurriedly cut-and-pasted, actually fitted.
For under the banner headline was a letter from Grace de La Cruz of Kelloggs Consumer Affairs Department. She said that Kelloggs used gelatine from cows and pigs, mentioning things like Marshmallow Fruit Loops, Kelloggs Smorz Cereal and Frosted Pop Tarts.
Technical point, yes, but none of these cereals were manufactured or sold in South Africa. It just took one phone call to learn that this letter was from Kelloggs USA, who had nothing to do with Kelloggs SA.
Further discomfiture was to follow. The halal authorising body in South Africa was not SANHA as the Majlis had alleged, but the National Independent Halal Trust (NIHT) who assured me that Kelloggs SA used no animal products in their gelatine whatsoever.
In spite of these comedic inconsistencies, the Majlis still declared that it was “waajib” (compulsory) for Muslims to abstain from Kelloggs products.  And as I reached for a packet of Rice Crispies, I hoped that the Majlis was not going to race to the dark side of the moon.
Imagine if SANHA got there first and discovered it was cheese.

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  1. Kelloggs has two g’s!

    Hey, Mort…

    As per Qur’an 5:5, ALL wholesome food is halaal. Please tell the VOC listeners!



  2. Slmz Shafik, yep they sum what entertaining a good laugh, but also distructive.
    Maybe the correct name of the “sitting”sic is “Malijies”

  3. Salaam Mr Morton.

    I luv this article….. Sad to see the ignorance and the existence of extremism in our society though.

  4. I’m actually from PE and let me just say how amazed i am that the majlis has gotten so far.All the way overseas, that’s amazing!
    Generally the majlis just rants and raves on things they hardly have any evidence of. Thought today I just received an email with an actual picture of the offending product. The pic is of Halaal beef sausages in pork casing. Now i’m no majlis supporter and I trust the MJC , NIHT and all the other halaal trusts, but does woolworths actually case their halaal sausages in pork cases? Also they go on about how the MJC and other ‘money hungry’ groups use carrion for the cases. So they doubly haraam. I’ll rather not believe that since i think they were probably running out of insults and needed to fill another page.

  5. From the way you write and judging from your understanding of real life, you are what your surname suggests……MINUS THE ‘T’Stick to your mundane womanish chatter and cackles. Leave the man’s world to real men! You know nothing of our beautiful Deen. It’s better you shove your filthy pen (typewriter) where it belongs than to criticise the Ulama-e-Haqq. Hope you choke on your rice crispies!btw, the moon is not made of cheese, you moron, your brains probably are!

    1. Well said Haroon…that moron or rather Nut….. Shud lick of a dogs bowl for his rice crispies….


  7. You ridicule this for a few reasons of which I will only mention two.One is that due to your pride and ego, you will not want to listen/read what is being said (battle of the minds).Secondly these things , if implemented, will require a change/shift, which your brain and body is totally against. Dont we all hate change. So instead of being totally objective and searching for the truth you ridicule the Majlis for something that they belive firmly in. You have a choice in life. Accept or reject. BUT DONT BELITTLE

    I would also like to draw attention to the part where you talk about “tabhligis”. If you knew your deen, you should realise that a fundamental element is “Forbidding evil and promoting good” as well as living in accordance to the rule of Allah as shown to us by the prophet (PBUH)

  8. So Mohamed,the Majlis can slander, libel,insult, and indulge in takfir whenever it wants, and we musn’t question it?

  9. “It looks that you’ve caught the proper substance of the state of affairs for the moment. While numerous appear to have omitted the main detail of it, when you submitted before is clear and on the money. Clearly I don””t supposing that I agree along all points; all the same, I must say you have disposed me reason to rethink many of the items that I believed that I carried as steadfast beliefs in that regards. Well expressed, and time for me to consider a wee bit more along a few of the outstanding ideas. In summary, it’s clear you have clearly stated what needed to be said.”

  10. slm ppl.i heard the director of SANHA on radio islam yesterday.he stated that SANHA used 2 approve kelloggs non-coated products b4 ‘the majlis fracas’ but has subsequently withdrawn approval.he further stated that SANHA has been instructed by kelloggs not 2 comment any further on the matter—mr.shafiq,plz put 4ward facts n not heresay.ther r so many untruths in ur article….it’s a pity voc deleted my previous comments on this article.u r guilty of that which u stand on ur high pedestal n accuse others..’comedic inconsistencies’–an apt description of the specimen of rubbish that frequently emanates from u.oh,n just one more thing,what is ‘slander’ n ‘takfir’ in the light of shariah–do u even hav the slightest understanding of what slander/takfir is?

    1. Don’t worry, Voc just like the Kuffaar media that only posts what suites them. I was once on a Voc Employees blog where she condemned the Majlis, when I posted valid arguments to prove the correctness of the Majlis, those were conveniently not posted. More or less on the same lines that CNN, BBC trail. show only what suites you.

  11. Gud Apple seems like you see me as the Bad Apple. NIHT is the Halal certifier for Kelloggs.

  12. yes mr shafiq,it seems as though majlis and his cronies aare really popping the buttons.they have gone crazy if not crazier in this issues of chicken.his followers are a bunch of thugs womanisers and the list goes on.thanks for keeping the ummah informed

  13. i dnt c ppl as bad apples but @ times c their actions e.t.c. as embodiments of bad apples.No one questioned the fact that NIHT is the halal certifier of kelloggs,not even majlis(if i’m not mistaken).majlis condemned SANHA 4 APPROVING kellogg’s mr.shafiq,i’d advice u 2 do sum research on the halaal certifying industry,so that u may understand the different terms e.t.c. if u/whoever read my comments n never deleted it u might hav understood.i challenge whoeva deleted my comments 2 put it back— i pointed out numerous flaws in this post.n 4 ur info mr.morton,SANHA even stated that they had based their approval on an inspection they held a long time ago,but had always advised caution on coated products/variants as they found haraam ingredients/raw materials e.t.c on the premises which they suspected wer most likely being used 4 coated variants.

  14. asalmu.a
    maaf brother but i think u ned to stick to your field.
    i dont think u will last 5 minutes in a debate with majlis.they will taer u apart.
    u dont even understand the halaal industry. do u know of the cruely taking place within the suits u to take whatever suits u?

  15. Salams Abdullah

    We have a Halal desk at VOC that specifically deals with Halal issues. I reckon we’re informed, brother. Will the Majlis tear me apart? We’ll see.

    BTW, the Majlis used a document based on American products to give a hukm on Kelloggs SA, which in my book is dishonest, if not devious.

    Their response? Most likely takfir – to declare anyone disagreeing with them as kafir, a very serious accusation because if you’re wrong, the judgement of unbelief falls upon yourself.

    Traditional scholars have always been extremely reluctant to even consider takfir, so seriously do they take the matter.

    Thanks for your comment.

    1. The man behind the majlis is a great aalim of deen.
      You cannot come close to him in understanding the ahkaam of deen.
      So rather stuck to writing fairytales instead of trying to debate with a aalim of such high calibre.
      What the majlis label people they got reliable proof from hadith to back them up.
      The majlis hatred is solely for deen.

  16. mr.shafiq,while i to a certain extent share ur view viz-a-viz the APPARENTLY devious usage of the Kellogg’s USA response,wat u fail 2 c is that the hukm was not based on the document,but rather on SANHA’s utterances and assurances to the public as well as many other factors.Coming back 2 takfir,wat is ur understanding of TAKFIR,wat constitutes takfir e.t.c. I’d advice u,coz u refer 2 the voc halaal desk(imo not up2 standard),to also consult voc’s on air mufti,who in ur buk wud b a serial distibutor of takfir—that’s coz u dnt understand takfir…….just a little info 4 u bro- u get munafiq by action,n u get munafiq by belief……i’d also lik u 2 pnt out 2 me where majlis directly called a specific person a kafir,ever………..luqman,plz control urself wif ur concoctions of tik n buttons….the ramblings that narcissists lik u feed this blog with will only stimulate the brain cells of ur pals in a mental instituition……plz b man enuf n name me one of his ‘followers'(perhaps r they card-carrying followers?-plz xplain 2 us hu/wat typa ppl they r,so we can protect ourselves) hu u know,n hu r ‘womanisers’ n ‘thugs’….ur hallucinations hav exceeded 2 disproportianate levels……

  17. Sad to say that there is so much extremitism and fanatism that it confuses the layman….

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  21. Salaam, last night I picked up a copy of Majlis and the rabid texts horrified me so much, I was hoping to find contact details for the editor online. However, I happened across this blog. I agree with the author.

    The Majlis seems to insidiously undermine and confuse readers who often just accept views which seemingly come from an “authority”. This is very dangerous, as this type of non-critical thinking breeds ignorance.

    We need to critically engage with our deen, not just accept information we’re fed – we need to encourage ijtihad at an individual level. It’s laughable that the Majlis discourages dialogue. I refuse to surrender MY deen to a nameless, faceless entity who wants to weaken it.

  22. Deeni Knowledge – If you have no knowledge of Deen than dont comment against Majlis.

    Too many “experts” on Deen in SA – when in fact they know very little.

    Maulana AS Desai is highly respected within and outside of SA.

  23. The Majlis of PE is a beacon of light in this “modernist” world. The MJC / Orion case in Cape Town is a case of ” we told you so “.

    Maulana AS Desai of the Majlis have no equal in SA concerning Deeni knowledge. We support the Majlis wholeheartedly.

  24. Im surprised at the hatred shown in this blog for ”THE MAJLIS” the entire post in itself is hypocritical to me. i bet none of you have ever read the majlis with an open heart and clear mind. You just see who’s writing instead of seeing whats been written and WHY its been written… WHY not look beyond your hatred and ask yourself some serious question’s??? Ive seen many ppl who thoroughly hated ”The Majlis”and are now ardent followers of it…….. BECAUSE THE MAJLIS HAS PROVEN ITSELF CORRECT AND CLEAR ON THE HAQQ OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!

    If the ”THE MAJLIS” was a one man show just ranting and raving on a scraggly rag-sheet as some people like to think – WHY does ”The Majlis” have literally tens of thousands of followers and subscribers all around the world???

    Don’t tell me all these people can’t see and have been ‘blinded’ or ‘brainwashed’ by ml desai!!!

    Do u know what a great devotee of Allah is the man behind ”THE MAJLIS?” while we sleep the night away, ml desai is occupied in replying correspondences from all around the globe, helping the creation of ALLAH with their problems and troubles, reading salaah, and defending and fighting for the real and true deen of ALLAH and HIS rasool (salallahu-alaihiwasallam). YES the entire night through – except for two hours of sleep every night.
    While we eat and enjoy our days, ml desai is fasting summer, winter and everyday, except for two days of the week… and even while fasting his work continues hour in and hour out.
    In spite of all the work on his shoulders, ml desai prepares a pot of food himself DAILY, makes it into delicious sandwiches and himself distributes it to the poor people of the town who know that they will find their food at the door of this servent of ALLAH.

    I know all of this because my friends brother lived with ml desai for a few weeks a little while ago and he saw the life of this great saint for himself.

    Remember ml desai is 73 years old and he does all the above and much, much, much more.

    I love ”The Majlis” and i love ml desai for who he is and what he say’s. I ask ALLAH TA’AALA to bless ml desai with a looonggg, healthy life and fill him with strength in his mission of preserving and defending the haqq for the pleasure of ALLAH.And to reward him for his anger as anger for the pleasure of ALLAH is indeed extremely beloved in the eyes of ALLAH.

  25. Masha-ALLAH. Very great post by mmb786.

    Mr shafiq moron your claim of ignorance about whether the ‘Majlis’ is man, woman, committee, or comrade is baseless and stupid to say the least. You never ever, in all probability – tried to find out who Mufti A.S Desai saheb is and then you make him sound like a person trying to hide his identity!!! What a shame on you. You are a coward. Why don’t you contact him directly so that you can combat your ignorance – his contact info is everywhere – on the net, on the majlis paper, on his website – EVERYWHERE! In fact you can even make arrangements and visit him personally at his home. Mufti is a fantastic and very welcoming host who (unfortunately) won’t bash the brains out of his guests even if they deserve it, so don’t fear.
    Any sincere person who wanted to know/meet Mufti did so and found him to be a GREAT SAINT!
    Please stop your stupid blabbing about someone you don’t even know and repent for the way you have spoken.
    And just one request.
    Before you condemn any scholar of islaam, please put a beard on your face and a topi and kurta on.
    That is the sunnah way – the way Nabi salallahualaihiwasalam instructed you to dress… Thereafter you can decide if you are in a position to advise and criticize the ulama-e-haq.
    Right now we can’t make out whether you are a man, woman, clown or shaytaan.

  26. Shafiq, doesn’t this guy see the beard on your face? Maybe if you grow it a little longer (fist length?), they’d consider your opinion more worthy of respect. Very informative article, another ‘spear’ in the making(he he, didn’t mean to fuel the fire, but the analogy is irresistible).

  27. Saaid, majlis-minded people, while their usage of modern technology is virulent, don’t look at photographs, tv, videos etc. lol.

    One of the majlis supporters here whine about some of his comments not being published on this forum. Talk about censorship! I know at least ten people who have written to the majlis newspaper and were never published. The double standards of these people are well known. Along with the Taliban they neeed to relocate to some unknown island somewhere in the Pacific where they can rant and rave as they please. Fanatacism and lunacy of this kind are not only confined to Islam. Its a state of mind and will always be found in any community and in any century.
    Also, dedication is not a sufficient reason to judge the worth of anybody. The worst of dictators and tyrants have been very committed and dedicated people.
    To be blunt and not waste any more of my or anyone else’s time, these people form part of an obnoxious cult. And cults all over the world have followers. You, Shafiq, have been bold enough to speak your mind in public about sensitive issues. No wonder you have won so many journalistic prizes, accolades and awards. The quality of the majlis writings and other works of theirs do not even come close to yours. The style and tone of their writings make me believe that they are adrenaline junkies.
    Unfortunately the true morons, especially the frenzied beard-tugging variety, hardly, if ever, learn. These facile idiots might try to play with words and take the “T” out of your name, but they will never remove your Tenacity :). What a disgustingly cheap way, too, of attempting to demean. But then this is so typical of this rabid mentality. Simply “cheap” is what best describes it.
    About that beardy thing again. Many years ago Ml Fazlur Rahman Ansari directed his criticism at members of this obnoxious group and said the following words: “They should rather shave their beards than continue to insult the memory of the Prophet(saw) with their behaviour.” Or something close to that. In other words, with their kurtas and beards they are a bad , a very bad, advertisement fo Islam.
    And yes, I always chase them away from my door when they knock.

  28. Slmz. So it appears that since the beard was mentioned by bro/sister Myself, all you guys can think about and lash out at is the beard even tho that comment was made last and hardly pertained to the topic at hand!

    But well, two can play the same game…

    I totally agree with Myself. The words of a person who makes the effort to dress the sunnah way with a proper SUNNAH LENGTH beard will have a greater effect on a sincere muslim than one who disregards the sunnah and adopts the style of the kuffaar in his appearance. The reason is obvious – you imitate who you love! Anyway i can’t convince anybody to be sincere in their quest for the haqq and change their view on hazrat Ml AS Desai but i can tell you that you are missing out a great deal – a real great deal by closing your eyes and mind to a person who you can benefit from… before its too late!

    Just one request 2 everyone b4 i go. Plz Keep in mind when posting/talking that you are referring to a friend of Allah. So do it in a decent manner even if you disagree, as ALLAH declares war against those who hurt/belittle those who HE loves….

    And oh yes. BTW photography is haraam. But one thing is to love, respect and agree with a person and another is to FOLLOW that person to the T. So its not fair to judge a person based on what those who respect and love him do… i don’t think anybody who FOLLOWS Ml AS desai will ever waste their time looking at MR Shafiq Mor’T’ons photo.

    P.S the ‘T’ in the surname stands for Treacherous.

    1. Dear Brother/Sister (as you remain anonymous)
      If you regard the mufti as a wali – masha Allah, may he be so – I’ve never said he was one, or wasn’t one. As for my apearance and beard, have you ever wondered about Imam Shafi’is beard? You haven’t? Oh my word!
      BTW, a kurtah is a Pakistani shirt, and has little to do with the practices and culture of Madinah, as does a “topi”. Being Indo-Pak is not Sunnah, definitely.
      As for your barbed, personal insults – the Rasullulah (SAW) never argued with people by insulting them. Would your mufti (the wali), then, approve of your behaviour? I think you need to think about this. I’m used to be being abused – no problem – but it does raise questions of adab that you might think about too.

  29. mmb786, i wonder where you’re going to dig up daleel for your absurd stand on photography. What about medical x-rays, video equipment used to save people out of earthquake rubble? hmmm… maybe your arguments are starting to make sense. Why don’t we just follow through and declare the whole internet haraam? There’s a lot of kufr circulating in it, right? Besides, it was never used in the time of the Prophet(SAW), so it must be a terrible innovation! Let’s start right now, so please don’t post another comment on the deviant article Shafiq wrote. Let’s atone for having ever read it.

  30. Slmz. Saaid were you doped with codeine when you read my post brother? Okay no worries, Its perfectly understandable if you were and i don’t mind repeating what i said and you missed…

    ”One thing is to love, respect and agree with a person and another is to FOLLOW that person to the T.”

    Ml desai is not my shaikh. I don’t follow exactly what he says BUT i agree with his view points and have nothing but admiration respect for him and cannot stand it when others insult, belittle and mock him the way MR Shafiq does!

    About the photography issue. There’s many ulama besides ML Desai who are of the opinion that photography, without a necessity is haraam. I agree with that. I can’t provide u with daleels as i’m not a scholar or anything but plz do feel free to contact them and ask.

    Would you like me to give you a list of Aalims/scholars who say photo’s are haraam? I’m serious.

    BTW we’re muslims. We don’t atone for our sins, we do tauba (repent).

    Ml desai never declared the internet haraam but if you wish to do that, you’re free to go ahead….


  31. Slmz Mr morton i don’t think even codeine can do such heavy stuff’s to a person… it has to be morphine that you’re doped with?

    I’m really surprised that you say i’m insulting you… it seems that you only call insulting when an insult is directed at you – and not when you direct it at others.
    Isn’t this entire debate about the way you have INSULTED, slandered and mocked ML Desai??? I don’t think Nabi (salallahu-alaihi-wasallam) would have approved of it shafiq.

    ….”BTW, a kurtah is a Pakistani shirt, and has little to do with the practices and culture of Madinah, as does a “topi”. Being Indo-Pak is not Sunnah, definitely.”….

    You sure? I was always under the impression that Nabi (salallahu-alaihi-wasallam) always wore a kurtah/robe/thobe all his life.

    Even if it was/is a paki, bangali, or african dress – The day Allah’s Rasool put it on, it automatically became a sacred, blessed, beloved and the most beautiful and preferred way of dressing for a muslim! If a it’s not a sunnah according to you, will you kindly tell me more about the SUNNAH way of dressing plz?


    ….”If you regard the mufti as a wali – masha Allah, may he be so – I’ve never said he was one, or wasn’t one.”……

    What does this mean? Who are you trying to fool? Plz re-read your first pop crackle nonsense article on this page.

    ….”As for my apearance and beard, have you ever wondered about Imam Shafi’is beard?”…..

    Keep in mind that its not me who started the topic about you appearance. Take it up with Myself if you wish. Anyway i know for sure that imam shafi (r.a) was a saint who followed rasoolullah salallahu-alaihi-wasallam, even tho i never wondered about his beard. Can you plz tell me what was special about it?

  32. LOL! MR Morton to fight a majilis supporter is worse than fighting the taliban! Majlis supporters are OBSESSED with their hazrat. You can never win with them or make them see sense. I had many majlis friends in life and i’m talking from experience.

    So just take a break, relax and have an ice cream!

  33. MR. Shafiq Moron y is my comment on your appearance pinching you this much? I meant every word i said n i won’t take anything back. Face it like a man – Your appearance alone is against the sunnat, and your appearance speaks a lot for who you are and wat u follow.
    Yet still you insist on sitting in disrespectful judgement of senior honorable ulalama. It’s laughable and lamentable.
    But looks like you taking the advise of ml Fazlur Rahman Ansari and not sporting a beard and sunnah dress because you understand that u an insult to the memory of nabi s.a.w with your behavior? If that’s the case, gud 4 u. I will refrain from commenting further on your appearance.

    Faisal If you can’t find a fatwa sumwher stating that its those ppl without a beard and sunnah dress that must degrade and tear apart the reputation of sunnat-following upright ulama, please keep your mouth closed…. and if you can find a fatwa, post it up for all to see.

  34. Another ‘moronic’ tirade. This guy just can’t let go. He(i very much doubt it’s a ‘she’, after all the unsaintly things the majlis say about muslim women)went back another 6 comments, just to have the last say on the matter. Just how long do you expect Shafiq to waste his time to respond to your shallow, personal attacks? You’re dreaming if you think they bothers him half as much as a pinch. The only plus you have on your side, is that you’re a relentless bunch. How do you know so much about his appearance, did you look at his photo? Anyway, could i suggest to all Shafiq supporters not to post any more comments ? Let mmb786,”myself” and others of their ilk hog this thread to their hearts’ desire…

  35. Maybe the guy/girl just repeated what he/she said for impact!

    BTW is dat da only way u guys work? make ppl furious by writing nonsense, jeering at the replies and then running away from all questions posed!

    Isn’t running away from a thread you started being cowardly?
    Why didn’t you think BEFORE you wrote about the reactions and consequences of your writings?

    Would you like it if someone belittles someone you love the way your article belittles ml deasai?

    PLZ Hazrat-wala mumpara (shafiq moron) answer my questions and make an effort to GROW UP puhleeeezz!

    1. Running from nobody. Avoiding no issues. Sorry, dude, you caught the wrong bus. Was hoping for something original, not an old joke. That’s all.

  36. MR Shafiq Morton, to give a a break from all these hot-headed majlis supporters i would like to add my 20c as a cool-headed majlis supporter….

    Firstly i would like to assure you that i understand where you coming from. But brother even if we do disagree with a certain group or individual we have to accept that we as the public/laymen cannot criticize an aalim in a derogatory manner.
    If ulama criticize ulama its still understandable because they’re on par with regards to islamic knowledge, masala masaa’il and so forth.
    Believe me brother, if you just spend 3 days with an open mind in the company of hazrat Mufti Desai saheb, i guarantee you that inshaallah all your doubts will be dispelled.
    Anyway i am of the firm opinion that everyone is entitled to their opinion and must be respected for views – and that goes for you and ml desai too. Without respect we’ll get nowhere.

    Guidance to all inshaallah.
    War over!!!


  37. malik, mmb786 and all others who feel the way i do about mr shafiq’s writing (ready to kill!)…………
    I suggest that you just ignore this whole terribly stupid page and rather do something beneficial with your time instead of wasting it trying to make the insensible see sense.

    These people never learn – trust me.

  38. On 26 October 1999, Hadhrat Moulana Saheb addressed a huge crowd of well-wishers who converged at the Darul Uloom in De Deur – where Hadhrat Mufti Hashim Boda Saheb is based – to listen to his soul-stirring report of his experiences in Bangladesh. This valiant son of Islam – a true Mujaahid and a great spiritual luminary of our time – gave a graphic and vivid exposition of his ordeal after his unlawful arrest and detention by anti-Islamic forces. Some salient features of his thought-provoking discourse are enumerated at random hereunder:

    Bill Clinton is reported to have sent a congratulatory message to the Intelligence Services for having arrested a “top international terrorist” – a reference to Hadhrat Moulana Saheb’s arrest.

    Notwithstanding his being innocent of the baseless and false charges levelled against him – as they could not advance a shred of evidence against him – he was incarcerated for almost 6 months in prison under extremely trying circumstances. Certain Ulama, who fed information to the authorities, were instrumental in Hadhrat Moulana’s arrest. At the time of his arrest, there were 49 vehicles and 250 police officers, fully armed with rifles, surrounding the house occupied by him with his colleague, Moulana Saajid Saheb of Pakistan.

    He was subjected to 20 days of intensive and gruelling round-the-clock interrogation by numerous intelligence agents, including 3 American intelligence officers hailing from America. ( Listen to the tape-recording for a detailed elucidation.)

    Hadhrat Moulana’s unique personality commanded great respect from those who came into contact with him, so much so, that even the hearts of kuffaar intelligence agents were struck with awe, reverence and fear. This is a clear indication of the roohaani strength that Allah Ta’aala bestows upon a Mu’min, who has taqwa and whose exemplary life is an embodiment of the blessed Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

    The intelligence agents were amazed at Hadhrat Moulana’s mental alertness, high level of intelligence, extraordinary fortitude, physical strength and endurance, to courageously withstand the rigours of the extremely dreadful prison conditions and intensive round-the clock interrogations. Only one endowed with roohaani strength, mental agility and a strong physique, could have survived such an ordeal.

    In the eyes of the Kuffaar, the Maktabs pose a greater threat to them than even the Mujaahideen camps.

    For those Muslims who had missed Hadhrat Moulana’s inspiring talk, recounting his experiences in Bangladesh, the Y.M.M.A. has a 90 minute tape-recording of this unprecedented and historical event in the life of a South African Aalim. You are urged to listen to this recording which will afford you a first-hand and comprehensive report, delivered personally by Hadhrat Moulana, of his experiences.

  39. Desai and his Majlis are extremists that have no respect especially for our women who are our daughters,sisters and mothers.Well done Shafiq.

  40. @Sam its amazing that after all the previous comments you can still be so blind

  41. About a year ago my wife and I decided to stop watching tv for the sake of pleasing Allah (SWT). Instead I bought a satellite decoder that receives channel Islam as well as radio Islam over the radio. A lot of people are saying that with this decoder I can get ITV (an Islamic tv channel), but I am unsure if Islam allows tv at all or not. We had not tuned in this channel as we do not want to anger Allah (SWT).
    1) Is it permissible to watch an Islamic channel such as Itv?
    In a recent addition of “the Majlis” ( a paper written by a prominent PE Imam), an article was written harshly condemning Islamic radio stations, mainly because some of the programs have female presenters. This article states that these radio stations “prostitute” our Muslim sister’s voices. I know that on channel Islam, Mufti AK Hoosein has a daily q&a program, and Mufti Siraaj Desai took over this program when Mufti AK went for Hajj this year. If the radio station is indeed haraam (these stations are refered to as radio shaitaan by the majlis), whould well known respected Ulama associate themselves with it? Unfortunately many Muslim brothers accuse the editor of “The Majlis” as “over-extreme” in his views, and advise that readers take things with a pinch of salt. This does not sit well with me, and I am confused and do not know where to draw the line, as this paper is distributed by most Masaajid in PE.
    2) Can Mufti Saheb advise as to how this publication can be viewed?
    3) Is listening to channel Islam and radio Islam Haraam?
    In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
    Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatoh
    The editor of the Majlis, Hazrath Moulana Ahmad Sadeck Desai Saheb Madda Zilluhu is an Aalim of a very high calibre. He has a deep understanding of Shariah. This is clearly gauged from his innumerable publications. Hazrath Moulana is the Khalifa of Hazrath Maseehullah Khan Saheb rahmatullah alayh. Hazrath has been selflessly dedicated to Amal bil Maroof and Nahi Anil Munkar for the past few decades. Hazrath is also engaged in various other activities. It is surprising how much one person can do. Allah has granted Hazrath great courage and strength. He is a person of high level of taqwa and mujahadah. He does not go after position and fame. If that was the case, Hazrath would not have selflessly and openly condemned many wrongs and evils for the fear of becoming unpopular. Many people throughout the world continue to benefit from Hazrath Moulana’s publications.
    Television is haram and we concur with Hazrath’s view on that. It is possible that the different radio stations err in some issues. If Hazrath points that out, it should be accepted and corrected. It is incorrect to brand Hazrath of being over extreme when he is fulfilling his obligation on Nahi Anil Munkar. Those that claim that Hazrath is extreme, what is their measure to claim that? If people violate the laws of Shariah and Hazrath rightfully condemns that, how can that be extremism? What do such people expect Hazrath to do? Keep quiet? What will that be then? Complacence, which is a sin.
    It should also be pointed out that differences of opinions among academics is regarded as academic honesty. This is common even among academics in secular qualifications. The different views among the Ulama, based on academics is a mercy upon the ummah and should be tolerated. If other Ulama have differing views from Hazrath’s views and both are based on academic substantiations, then it will be incorrect to brand any one view as being an extreme view. While we concur with Hazrath on the issue of television and open wrongs of television and radio stations, we may differ with him on other issues. However, we will respect his view and tolerate it as Hazrath’s views are generally substantiated by Shariah.
    If anyone claims to have an academically different opinion and he does not stand up to the academic challenges made to him, that is academic dishonesty and such an opinion cannot be tolerated as that is regarded as academic dishonesty.
    Another issue is the tone and manner of condemning a vice. This is based of hikmah and wisdom. At times, the Quran condemns certain wrongs in certain ways, medium to harsh. This is based on what is best in the interest of that time and matter. An Aalim of Deen is imbued with hikmah. He exercises that hikmah and whatever he honestly feels between him and Allah is the most efficient tone in condemning a wrong, he does that.
    The different ways of Ulama condemning wrongs, some with softness and others harshly etc. should be viewed in this light. Concentrate on the actual issue pointed out rather than focus on the style and tone.
    When the laws of Shairah are violated and people, especially Ulama, keep quiet, that incurs the wrath of Allah. The silence of Ulama will lead to distortion of Shariah and Deen. Allah condemned the Ulama of theYahood and Nasaara for keeping quiet against open violation of the Shariah. Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said, “This knowledge of Deen will be carried by just people from pious predecessors. They will refute distortions of extremists, refute baseless claims and wrong interpretations of ignorant people”.
    And Allah knows best
    Mufti Ebrahim Desai
    Darul Iftaa, Madrassah In’aamiyyah

  42. Mr S.Morton you are crazy to write the way you did about the hazrat i.e the majlis. You have ABSOLUTELY no idea of who u mocking @.
    Hazrat Mufti AS Deasai is an extremely pious + farsighted person who has abundance of knowledge and taqwa. If you can’t accept, comprehend or understand what he say’s – the least u can du is refrain 4rm scorning him. If hazrat never speak up against everything he did. The whole of South Africa with all its muslims wud hav been lyk a shaytan territory. We wud hav had muslims frequenting churches, women singing on the streets and giving khutbah in our masajid. Its the majlis that defends islaam in this country and the majlis that teaches the ummah the real islaam. Look at what the other ulama r teaching. They making TV halal. TV with intermingling of sexes between ulama and mu’allima, with music and uncovered women. look at the programs they hold on their radio station. Such shameless shows that makes any half decent person blush. see what they feeding the ummah, haraam carrion, vark vlies and even real pork. and they do it all in the name of islaam!!!! Where the hell is your brains? its time for everyone to wakee up and take heed of what the majlis says……… before its too late!

  43. Shafiq, it appears you ate some Orion Vark somewhere, thus your illogical comments. Tell us does cricket not involve gambling (Pakistani players are languishing in jail~, does cricket not involve blaring music, does cricket not passionately promote liquor, is Salaah with Jama’ah not abandoned (remember Nabi Salallahu alayhi wasallam showed his desire to burn the homes of those who discarded Salaah with Jamaa’ah), is Juma’h such a trivial Salaah which cricket supersedes, does cricket not involve dram majorettes kicking their naked legs sky high and when Ml Desai says all this is Haraam, you take offence! As I said in the beginning it is the effect of all the Orion vark people ate.Had you followed the Majlis you would have been saved from all the vark vleis. we think you came back from Haj, think calmly about your defense of the indefensible.

  44. Jamaitul Ulema Gauteng. Heheheeheheh. You’ll all the same. really hiding behind each others petty coat. Why dont you just say Mufti Boda son in-law from De Deur Ml A.S right hand man. Where in the world u’ll name urselfs Jamiatul Ulema

  45. Lol abdullah did you really think that was actually someone from the jamiatul ulema gauteng posting?!!! heheheheheheehe at you! That was me. I love the jamiatul ulama gauteng and wholeheartedly support + admire the ulema there so i used the name as my nickname. Sorry to disappoint you bro.

    Btw i’ll refrain from saying anything about your ignorant comment of the jamiatul ulama gauteng being run by mufti desais right hand man who’s aso mufti bodas son in law, and instead, i’ll advise you to take a trip to de-deur and meet the respective ulema body personally.

  46. The diatribe against Mlna Desai herein emanating from ignoramuses is not really worth responding to. we should make dua for the guidance of these fools/idiots.We are truly fortunate to have within our borders a personality of his stature and the day Allah calls back this great stalwart of Islam the loss upon ourselves cannot be calculated . Without Moulana Saheb the charlatans from mic and other commercial halal certifying organizations would have ridden roughshod upon us . There is no other in my opinion amongst the ulema in our country with such forthrightness , valor and courage as moulana Saheb .
    And the critical fools be advised and take heed and repent before it is you late

  47. Its amazing how all the support is for this so called pious mufti from PE. The man insults and uses vile language to respond to one-sided allegations without ever asking for the other side to respond to the allegations levelled. He forgets the Quranic injunction to verify information before responding. Almost everyone is a kafir in his eyes as if he received a direct permission from Allah Almighty to make these judgements. No one and l repeat no one has the right to call anyone a kafir. Allah forgives all sins besides shirk. Allah guides whomsoever He wills and He leads astray whomsoever He wills. He forgets the Quranic injunction to invite people to the ways of the Lord with beautiful preaching. Can the “great” mufti guarantee the he will die with kalima on his lips? No one can provide that guarantee. I presume cuts his own goats and sheep as none of the halaal certifying bodies are good enough. I guess we all should be doing the same in our backyards every week. Every woman is a prostitute if she is not covered from head to feet and even the eyes are not spared. Who the hell gave him the authority to insult the women of Islam which includes mine and your sisters and mother and wives and daughters? How does he know what is the relationship between them and Almighty Allah? We should have faith and trust only in Allah and love the prophet as Allah has asked us to send salaam on him. The worst thing to have happened to Islam is that we have abandoned our love for Allah and His speech (Quraan) and have put our lives in the hands of these so-called ulama who believe we should simply accept everything they tell us without question (e.g. these tabhligi moulanas and their 3/4 pants keep terrifying people with hadith about not wearing pants below ankles as we will go to hell. What they don’t tell you is the second part where Hazrat Abu Bakr said that he wears his garments below the ankles and will he go to hell. The Prophet said that he was well aware that he wore his garments below the ankles but IT WAS NOT DONE FOR PRIDE and did not admonish him. Another hadith we keep on getting rammed down our throats about whoever imitates a nation is one of them. We are told how to dress and sit on the floor and not let our girls get educated and basically everything we do is imitating other nations even using the internet and driving cars etc. So the question is what is the context? Well the hadith will make perfect sense if we imitate another nation in their worship of God. Then of course we are doomed just as the Quraan says.). So l don’t believe in the sayings of the rabid organisation called the Majlis. I believe in Allah and all that He has commanded us to believe. No one has the right to call anyone a kafir because you never know who Allah will have mercy on and who He will lead astray. As muslims it is our duty to seek the truth for ourselves and not only rely on the the so called ulama. They love to cite a very convenient hadith about them being the heirs of the prophets. Remember the hadiths were written more 200 years after the Prophet left this world. Allah has asked us many times I the Quraan to reflect on His message and signs. So be kind and gentle and compassionate with each other. Respect each other. Full fill your obligations to Allah and ask Him to guide you not some rabid moulanas. If you are sincere in your quest then most surely He will answer your prayer.

    1. If you can’t make a lot od sense please make a little sense.
      Your statement shows your weakness and ignorance in deen knowledge.
      Why don’t you ask ml as desai those questions and let him reply you from quraan and hadith.
      What he terms people is exactly the same what the ulema of 1400 years ago did.
      It’s your love for eating out that has bamboozled your mind.
      As for ct crank he should rather join the coons

  48. The way the Majlis disrespects, labels and resorts to name calling…that is not the adaab and characteristics of our beloved prophet muhammad pbuh.

    That’s enough evidence to make me pay them no attention.

    “The best among you is he whome has the best manners” Hadeeth

  49. The majlis is the worst example of Islam we have in this country. I can imagine their women sitting in some dark and dinghy corner of their homes staring into the damp walls and saying to themselves “if only Allah could take me away from this miserable life and my violent dirty misogynistic husband who thinks he is God’s representative on earth”. I’d rather throw myself into the mercy of Allah than follow these rabid dirty ogling sex starved intolerant violent ulema especially those who subscribe to the beliefs of the Majlis.

  50. Brother what l have said makes a lot of sense. Everything l have said is from the Quraan and hadith. I challenge you or your so-called mufti to refute my points. But l can already see that you, including your fake mufti, will resort to using insults and vile language to make your points when you cannot refute through proper dialogue. You all are the worst proponents of Islam. May Allah protect us from your kind. Ameen

  51. Brother Aadil I highly doubt Muslim men today who have their pants below their ankles don’t have pride. Abu Bakr (RA) is a totally different case to everyone that does it today. And there is no mention of the other Sahaabi’s or Nabi (SAW) doing it. Justifying and sin is worse than committing the sin itself

    1. Personally the Quran is my guide. Nothing else. I believe in La ilaha illallah. Nabi Muhammad was the final Prophet. He followed the Quran. The only revelation he ever received was the Quran. Nothing else.

    2. I don’t do with pride. So please don’t generalise. If the Prophet peace be upon him allowed it, then it’s ok for others. The fiqh laws are sometimes based on one hadith so whatever l have said is true. Be that all that l just said, l have done my own research and have come to conclusion that only the Quran is the supreme law. The Prophet peace be upon him only received one revelation i.e. the Quran.

  52. Can someone please explain “How can a man of supposed high calibre use such brutal language against our Ulema?”
    This language was not used by the Rasul SAW for the disbelievers during his time.
    This seems to be a western agenda, do cause the masses to be disappointed with the Ulema so that they would be misguided.
    Not a single Aalim is good, not a single organisation is good. Nay not a single Muslim is good except ” the mails?”

    Refer to Moulana Ebrahim Bham as Reverend Bham? Is this level of Takfeer the teaching of our Rasul SAW?

    The so called Respected scholar has even condemned senior Khulafa of his own Ustadh!

    By the standard of the Majlis, none will enter Jannah!

    If you condemn everyone, some of those condemnation will be correct. It’s no achievement.

    This Ummah is being bashed and Battered lby every kafir, then we have the ” So Called Respected Aalim” also bashing and battering the Ummah! Who will tend the wounds of the beloved Ummah of Habeeb Rasul SAW?

    The Majlis has surely only added salt to the wounds of the beloved Ummah.

  53. كلهم فنار إلا أنا

    All are in Jahannam except ME ” The Majlis”
    Every scholar that has a following is on the HIT LIST of the Majlis.

    ML Ebrahim Bham
    Mufti Menk
    ML Zulfiqar
    ML Sulaiman Moola
    ML Sulaiman Ravat

    Jamiat UL Ulema South Africa (bases in Fordsburg) is the number one enemy with all its affiliates.

    Cab anyone inform us of the positive work done by the MAJLIS, beside CONDEMNATION.

    The Maktab Project is unknown to the whole Ummah in South Africa

    Another point of concern;
    THE MAJLIS always advertises it’s banking details and accepts funds from everyone including

    “Carrion eating & Zina Loving Muslims”

    Also accepts funding from Muslims that drink Coke, watch TV & take HARAAAAM Photographs.

    How can this be correct? Who will condemn and criticise this???

    Only MAKTAB is WAAJIB?

    Ask yourself? Did you ever meet any person I your entire life that attended a Maktab of “The Majlis”???

    Think about this matter carefully, you may see the serious level of an Ulterior motive.

    Modus Operandi “HAQQ”

    Funding can come from businesses running on RIBA.

  54. Those who insult the ulama Allah Ta’ala will not take out ulama from their Proginy. It was by the means of mufti Desai Sahibs pen that Allah Ta’ala put an end to so many fitnahs. It is our duty to respect him because of his knowledge and due to him being one of the senior khalifahs of Ml Maseehullah Khan Sahib(ra). Let us not get involved in the differences between the ulama. What we can do in the mean time is make dua for the ummat

  55. The ulama are not infallible. We have to question them. Gone are the days where we will simply accept anything and everything they say. Allah commands us all to seek knowledge.

  56. The Majlis has the most truth when coming down to the actual facts of Deen, unfortunately majlis has no tact in its articles. Ppl we are not first generation Muslims but we including myself act as tho we are. For example, “Listen to Zain Bhika… It’s better than music, it keeps our children away from western music” Does it? All of a sudden Zain Bhika and the like are the norm… At every event like Muslim school sports days at Muslim restaurants and weddings…. It’s now given the status of halaal…. We were better off listening to Roxette, full knowing it’s Haraam while enjoying it with guilt than listening to Zain Bhika and no guilt at all even as far going as making it permissible. Are we truly better off bringing something into Deen that has no place, than listening to western music knowing the consequences of the sin allowing us to make tauba with regret. Same instance, Kelogs, McDonald’s, even the chicken from the local Muslim butcher should be scrutinized by ourselves and decided by our selves. No organisation can truly do it for us, use them as a baseline and interrogate further. So when Majlis says Kelogs is Haraam or they have products that are, be it in America or wherever, until you do the homework and decide dont disregard any info from anyone.
    P.s I own a halaal takeaway with a major halaal body endorsement.. They come in at least once a month, chat generally over the counter, sign and move on. No checking ect (maybe it’s because I look like a good pious Muslim, I am far from that, I use interest, eat haraam, talk haraam.) You judge my well known establishment with over a million customers over the last few decades.

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