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Masjid al-Quds to ‘pray for rain’

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The committee and imamat of Masjid al-Quds have taken the decision to hold a ‘prayer for rain’ this coming Sunday, in the hopes of bringing relief in the midst of the country’s worst droughts in decades.

While relief efforts have been conducted in problem areas by a number of groupings to try and address the crisis, the country’s water supply remains critically scarce.

The situation has motivated the Gatesville-based Masjid al-Quds to conduct a ‘salaatul istiqa’ (prayer for rain), with the hopes of spurring divine intervention.

Sheikh Abduragmaan Alexander, Imam at Masjid al-Quds said it was important to realise that as “the believing community”, Muslims had a moral obligation to try and beseech their creator to bring much needed relief for the broader public.

“We call on everyone to respond to this call and show the almighty our humbleness, humility and need for His divine favour. Inshallah Allah will send us the rain we need,” he said.

As per Islamic tradition, the prayer for rain is deemed as a sunnah practiced by the followers of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) during times of severe drought.

“During the time of Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w) there was also drought, to such an extent that it had a negative impact on the growth of crops, and the animals suffered. The people approached Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w) to pray for rain and he made salaatul istiqa,” Alexander explained.

“Various other prophets and saintly people throughout history have also made the prayer for rain.”

Alexander noted that the salaatul istiqa would consist of two rakats, conducted in a similar manner to that of the Eid salaah. A khutbah (lecture) would also be delivered following the prayer.

Salaatul istiqa will be performed at 08:00am on Sunday 24th January at Masjid al-Quds. VOC

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  1. bravo quds!!! noted, … that quran says as a whole besides natural occurrences etc allah swt witholds such ne'hmas such as rain on account of sins of the nations, salatul istiqa works best when done in open with humilty our families old very young sick and infirm our suckling ones and animals ….crying of children….. and adults in true istighfaar ……

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