24 April 2019 / 18 Sha’ban 1440

Milad al-Nabi 1440 at the new Laingsburg Mosque


On Saturday, 1st December 2018, the ’Ibaad-u-Ragmaan Qadiri Jamaa’ah will be celebrating Milad al-Nabi at the new Laingsburg mosque in the Central Karoo.

Promoting social accord, the group proposes adoration as an alternative to social ills such as drug abuse and gangsterism.

Milad al-Nabi is Arabic for the birthday of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May God Convey Peace and Blessings upon him).

The Milad al-Nabi festival is a public holiday across most of the Muslim world. Celebrations include decorating the mosques, readings of the Holy Qur-an, Muslim scholars rehearsing to the lay public the teachings of Islam, the distribution of food and the recital of odes that eulogise the Holy Prophet Muhammad (May God Convey Peace and Blessings upon him).

The Laingsburg mosque was officially opened for worship on 7th July 2018. Buses will depart for Laingsburg from Kensington, Rylands Estate and Hanover Park in the Cape Peninsula.

Activities will include the formal Islamic prayer and the Qadiriyyah dhikrullah. Food and drink will be on offer. Everyone is welcome.

Interested people may speak to Hajji Ismail, or Hajja Bashiera Bhyat at location, Nuwedam, Touw’s River, telephone (023) 358-1120, or at cellular telephone number 0833004387.

For further information, kindly talk to Hajji Mogamat Faiz Isaacs of 48 Tennyson Street, Mandalay, at home telephone number (021) 387-2737, or at cellular telephone number 0799153206.

For bus tickets to the Laingsburg mosque, please get in touch with Hajji Bienjamien Abrahams of 10 6th Street, Kensington, at home telephone (021) 593-6585, or at cellular telephone number 0827728381.

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