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MJC issues a fatwa on Open Mosque

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In the light of the debate around the open mosque, the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has issued the following fatwa on Thursday:

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) convened a special meeting with representatives of Mosques and Islamic Institutions to provide a scholarly and collective response to the establishment of the so-called “Open Mosque” in Wynberg, Cape Town. The special meeting which was attended by 110 scholars unanimously concluded the following:

The religion of Islam is founded upon the Quran and the Sunnah (Prophetic Traditions) which together forms the bedrock of Islamic Practice. It is from these primary sources that Islam clearly delineates the roles of men and women on an equitable basis in all spheres of life that includes the morality, ethics and etiquette of mosques in Islam.

The so-called “Open Mosque” claims to be “Quran-centric” and deliberately excludes Prophetic Traditions.
Whereas, the Quran clearly states the following:

“He who obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah; but those who turn away – we have not sent you over them as a guardian”.
(Quran Chapter 4, Verse 80)

“And whatever the messenger has given you, take it and whatever he has forbidden you, refrain from it. And fear Allah; indeed Allah is severe in penalty”
(Quran Chapter 59, Verse 7)

We therefore, strongly advise our community to absolutely refrain from attending the so-called “open mosque” based on their interpretation of aspects of Islam that clearly contradicts Quranic and Prophetic directives as well as centuries of Islamic scholarship.


Maulana Ihsaan Hendricks

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  1. Salaam, This is very worrying when “scholars” do exactly what they accused others of doing, Let me explain, when extremist kill and massacre innocent people around the world and they quote verses and hadith, than the reaction is they are taking verses etc out of context. Lo and behold when it suites them(scholars) they do exactly the same, ie quote verses out of context. Please read the verses they used in this “fatwa” in context. Majority opinion and understanding is no indication of truth.

      1. Ganief, What I’m saying is we should inform ourselves and not follow like cattle. Why do we allow others to tell us when something is wrong or right when the Creator has given us the Guidance. Since when is the MJC above Our Creator?

        1. Ganief, please advise on how you must ‘inform ourselves’ ? There are pious and powerful people out there who have lived their lives for Islam, died for Islam, now you telling us that we must not follow like sheep , yet we live and die for this world. Your ignorance clearly shows your arrogance.

          Having said that, I don’t mean to say MJC and its staff are these leaders, for they have done a sever injustice to the Muslim Community and of course have brought Islam into disrepute.

          1. Ismail, I think you directed you comment at me, mentioning about cattle and not Ganief. To clarify, it is not me that tells you not to follow like sheep but OUR CREATOR. Read you Quran. Sharing and informing is not arrogance, but a duty of all. This has become and even bigger responsibility with the amount of corruption and evil that has crept into Islam.

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