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MJC launches Ramadan health initiative

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The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has partnered with local medical practitioners in a bid to raise awareness on dealing with diabetes through the holy month of Ramadan. While Islam does exempt individuals suffering with dangerous ailments from observing fast during the month, many members of the community often push their bodies as not to be ostracised.

Through a outreach program and with the medical assistance from the Islamic Medical Association (IMA), Unani Tibb and Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, the MJC hopes to inspire and education Muslims on how they can use the time of Ramadan to rejuvenate their spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

MJC spokesperson Nabeweyah Malick explained that with the outreach program, the associated medical practitioners will offer the community the necessary dietary advice and revert back to the sunnah and teachings of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) as a way to get the best out of what the spiritual month has to offer it’s observers.

“We aspire to get our community to be in the best possible state. From the MJC’s side, we cherish and value the beautiful teachings of Islam. We want to see that our people have take that spiritual journey in the best of ways. We are grateful for this partnership because we realise that many within our community can’t make the most of the month of Ramadhan due to health challenges,” Malick explained.

The IMA’s Junaid Akojee further explained the importance for Muslims, especially those suffering with diabetes to go for a general check up at their GP in the lead up to Ramadan and with the help of a medical practitioner, draw up a healthy lifestyle plan to follow to ensure their bodies are not harmed when fasting.

“There are people who have renal disease and poorly controlled diabetes, we look at the patient holistically so we want people to know that when they intend to fast, they need to consult their medical practitioner now otherwise face physically challenges or even harm when observing fast,” Akojee continued.

Meanwhile, Unani Tibb’s Ferial De Jongh said Ramadhan will also offer individuals an opportunity to understand their lifestyle and reflect on what it is they could be doing to harm their bodies.

The public outreach program will be taking place on the 5th May at Masjidul Quds where the community will be receiving a free diabetes check up, provided support through medical education and interacting with other diabetes sufferers.

Eli Lilly’s Belinda Boodhoo encouraged members of the local community to attend the event intended to help individuals not only deal with diabetes when they chose to fast but also equip them with the knowledge to understand how to deal with any possible complications.

MJC Secretary General, Moulana Abdul Khaliq Allie added that the organisation through its strategic partnership also aims to assist communities in disadvantaged areas with a mobile clinic soon. VOC (Ra’eesah Isaacs)

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