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MJC marks 70 years

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The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC ) will mark its 70th Anniversary on the 10 February 2015, a significant milestone for South Africa’s leading ulema body. Preparations are under way to commemorate and give recognition to the scholars who have served the MJC and the community since 1945.

As part of the commemoration program, MJC president Maulana Ihsaan Hendricks has requested that special recognition be given to senior ulema who have dedicated their lives towards maintaining the foundation of Islam built by the great forerunners of Islam in South Africa.

The central religious authority which was established to represent the Muslim community and to address religious requirements for the growing community, has played a vital role in nurturing Muslim identity and navigating the community through the challenges faced during the Apartheid years.

As many of the ulema have passed on, the MJC has invited senior scholars of the community to share valuable information about the history of Islam in South Africa as well as the challenges, victories and developments that Muslims faced and continues to address in Southern Africa.

The inaugural commemorative program will be the special ‘Listening to our Elders’ programme which takes place on the10th February 2015 at 11h00 at Masjidus Salaam, St Athan’s Road, Athlone. This program will be followed by a thikr which takes places on the 19th February 2015 after Mahrib at Masjidus Salaam, St Athan’s Road, Athlone. VOC

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1 comment

  1. wow! thats nice, but not all true,

    as a whole the mjc were absent at crucial times of the anti apartheid movement, in fact they were renegades, they opposed imam abdullah haroons involvement, they were absent and kept quiet during his incarceration torture and murder, but they turned out like a fashion parade for his janaza

    they told us not to bring anti apartheid "politics" to the masajid, they told us to make hijra if we didnt like it here on account of apartheid, etc etc

    they only became "active" when it became reasonably safe to do so, thanks to hassan solomons they sloooowly started to take the cue from the people who had looong before walked in solidarity with the oppressed behind the "leadership" of communists socialists agnostics christian clergy and those like imam ebrahim "sepp" davids imam achmad cassiem, maulana (now dr) faried essack imam hassan solomons et al

    and even now with new challenges they are found wanting from among themselves ie absolving without the public knowing who defrauded the waqaf funds to being sectarian and even destructive to islam with their anti shia drive of hatred in all the masajid and institutions

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