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MJCHT investigation shows no cross-contamination at a Woolworths store in Cape Town

The Muslim Judicial Council Halal Trust (MJCHT) has once again investigated a case of possible cross-contamination of halal and non-halal foods in a Cape Town store.

The MJCHT recently visited Woolworths Athlone branch, following a Facebook post that depicted images of a non-halaal pizza product found next to other halaal products.

The Trust however explained that it was not a case of cross contamination of products but was most likely a result of a customer misplacing the product.

Director of the MJC Halaal Trust shaykh Achmat Sedick, clarified that halal and non-halal products are separated as the store has designated fridges for their products.

“The products in-line with the hot foods (on one side) is halal but the other side is strictly non-halaal. The supplier (such as Rainbow) is halal certified, but where that one product was put, is not under our control,” said Sedick.

Last month, PnP in Tokai was accused of cross contaminating chicken that was found in the same storage freezer as pork.

Similarly, as the product was wrapped in plastic, no contamination could have occurred.

Sedick however warns that Muslim customers should be aware of certification and abstain from buying products from the fridge that is non-halal section.

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