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MJCHT on Bacon flavoured Melrose: “Dit is nie die regte ding nie”

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The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust (MJCHT) has reassured the Muslim community that the entire production line of Melrose cheese spread is halaal. This follows a photograph making the rounds on social media platforms of a jar of so-called bacon flavored Melrose cheese accompanied by a MJC stamp. The photographs have caused an uproar in the local Muslim community.


“We have read many comments on this issue especially on Radio 786 and what is evident is the ignorance of many Muslims when it come to synthetic flavourings. However the principal remains … YOUR HATRED FOR MJC IS EXPOSING YOUR IGNORANCE,” said a disgruntled Facebook user.

However, MJC director Shaykh Achmat Sedick said that Melrose developed a synthetic bacon flavoring to attract their non-Muslim customers.

“I don’t think people fully understand the word synthetic. Synthetic basically means artificial. It is man-made, it is not real,” stated an indifferent Shaykh Sedick.

Shaykh Sedick further continued by saying, by definition everything that the product, ingredients, additives, colouring or flavoring are made artificially.

“It is not produced by any natural substance,” said Shaykh Sedick.

Shaykh Sedick said there is not a single trace of actual pork in the product thus making it halaal. He assured Muslim customers that there is a lengthy process that goes into certifying a product halaal. It is a task that is done by a technical team, and it is conducted in a thorough manner from spices, colorants and even venue. He said the halaal chain is air-tight.

“If there is anything that we find not Halaal conducive, we will not sanction it,” reiterated Shaykh Sedick.

Shaykh Sedick addressed the Muslim community and reminded them that there are several other alternatives because it is common knowledge in our Deen [religion] that the word bacon and halaal could never be reconciled.

“Abstain from it…even if you want to try it because we [MJCHT] say it is halaal. Rather avoid consuming the product because we know it is not conducive for any Muslim to consume anything that has the words bacon anywhere,” warned Shaykh Sedick.

Furthermore, the MJCHT did make it clear to Melrose not to have the MJC logo printed on the said bacon flavoured cheese as a means of principle. He concluded that the labeling was an error by the company but will be withdrawn soon.


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