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‘Motorist should not have killed my grandson’

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The family of the teenager shot dead by a motorist during a smash-and-grab attack say the driver should have fired a warning shot instead of killing him.

The relatives of 16-year-old Siphesihle Mkunqwana of Langa say the motorist acted no different to township residents carrying out mob justice attacks.

Sipheshile’s grieving grandmother, Nozukile Mkunqwana, 77, admits her grandson had mixed with the wrong crowd after dropping out of school and even spent time at a reformatory.

“He dropped out of school last year when he was in Grade 11,” she said.

“We even sent him to Transkei hoping he would go back to school, but he could not adjust there.

“When he left school he mixed with the wrong friends and I always spoke to him.

“I will not hide his crimes, he spent three months at reformatory school recently (for theft).”

But despite his crimes, Mkunqwana says the motorist had no right to take her grandson’s life.

“We are very sad, while you don’t send your child out to commit a crime, she didn’t have to kill him, she should have given a warning shot.

“I would have understood if he had a weapon, a knife or something but he had nothing.”

Crime scene photos, however, show a knife lying close to Siphesihle’s body.

“She could have shot him in one of his limbs, that lady had no right to kill him.

“It’s like in the townships when they catch a thief, people will come and beat you.”

Meanwhile, thousands of people have expressed their support for the female motorist, saying the teen got what he deserved.

Witnesses reveal the shooter, an Italian national, was expected to leave for her home country this Friday after visiting her sick mother in Langebaan.

By late Tuesday evening, the woman had not been arrested or charged.

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk said: “The investigation continues – statements need to be taken and there are no charges at this stage.”

The drama unfolded on Monday afternoon on the corner of Bluegum Street and Jakes Gerwel Drive, outside of Langa and Bonteheuwel, when the female motorist was approached by Siphesihle, who was part of a smash-and-grab gang.

Witnesses said the woman, who stopped at the red traffic light, was approached by a trio of young men, who threw a spark plug against the left side window.

Siphesihle then went to the window of the passenger’s side and grabbed the driver’s handbag, which was on the seat.

The motorist then shot the boy, who died at the scene.

The two other suspects fled on foot.

An anonymous witness, who assisted the frantic motorist, stayed with her until police escorted her to Bishop Lavis police station.

The woman wrote on Facebook: “She [driver] was totally traumatised and devastated by the scenario… she couldn’t stop crying.

“She thought she was wrong to shoot, but I said thank you to her for saving so many other lives today. She made an example of the risk of smash-and-grabs in Cape Town.

“She was so worried she’d be locked up. But [I told her] ‘there was no one to defend you and you were so brave and stood up for yourself’.

“She says thank you to all the support and prayers that went out on her behalf.”

Many also voiced support for the motorist on IOL’s Facebook page.

“Thanks Cape Town motorist, I guess Johannesburg and Pretoria motorists you have seen how smash and grab suspects are dealt with. If few of this suspects can be killed or injured, they will think twice about approaching cars,” one reader said.

While another said: “Good Story for the day!!!! Hope this turns into a deterrent…..”

[Source: Daily Voice/IOL]
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  1. He got what he deserved. Let it be known that crime doesn’t pay. The grandmother doesnt mention the parents of this delinquent. If you cant feed them, dont breed them.

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