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Moulana Dawood Sampson apologizes for controversial video after outcry on social media

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“Sometimes it is not good to say things in jest. Please accept my heartfelt and humble apology.”

These are the words of Maulana Dawood Sampson after a contentious video went viral that displayed Moulana Dawood uttering ‘crude and callous’ comments about women while joyfully detailing his upcoming marriage.

“My dear friends in Islam, as I told the men, if there is men that still got it, go and propose and get yourself a lovebird. Like a cock have two or three hens, come on men, we are cocks, and get those hens inshallah,” said Maulana Dawood.

The video caused an outcry across social media platforms with many deeming the statements to be sexualizing, degrading and objectifying to women.

A livid Facebook user wrote, “its just too little too late. I have lost all respect for this man and will not follow him or listen to him any longer. if he wasn’t told to apologize. he wouldn’t have. there is just no going back from what he said,”.

“Allah has disgraced this arrogant man with his own tongue. he is showing his own nafs
I don’t have a problem if he wants to get married but he brags about his popularity as an aalim and speaks with disrespect about women,” said another angry user.

However, there were opposing views.

“One person felt it was offensive and the rest followed. On other days we laugh at all his jokes. If any other person told this joke it would’ve been funny. Stop being so bitter and petty. The world has bigger issues that requires our concern,” said another Facebook user.

After the fervent disapproval on social media, The Muslim Judicial Council asked Maulana Dawood Sampson to issue an apology following the controversial statements. In a statement yesterday, the ulema body said its “deeply concerned” at the content in a video by the well-known Parkwood imam, which it called “unfortunate”. The video that went viral has a sparked a major backlash. It’s also elicited a petition on calling on issues of toxic masculinity to be addressed by the ulema body. The MJC said in a statement that it reaffirms the sacred trust in which women are held within Islam and consequently the duty of protection and dignity of women must always be upheld.

“The duty to uphold this is even more significant as we as nation celebrate Women’s Month and the recognition of the selfless and invaluable contributions made by women to South Africa…. Even though the statement may not have been intended to harm or denigrate women, the consequences have affected many in our community. We have therefore requested of Moulana Sampson to issue an immediate withdrawal and apology of the statements in his post, to which he has agreed.”


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