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Moulana Ihsaan’s demise leaves vacuum within the ulema

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Maulana Ihsaan Hendricks’s presence has always held a special place in the hearts of his followers and fellow shuyookh, and his tragic death leaves behind a void that will not be fulfilled for a long time. In memory of the larger-than-life personality that he was, thousands of Capetonians came to pay their respects to the scholar at his janazah on Saturday afternoon held in Athlone. The prolific scholar and activist passed away on Friday, after battling illness for many years.

Mourners lined up in Oasis Street in Hazendal from early Saturday morning and by 1pm, the road had to be closed off due to the large numbers of people flocking to the home. A myriad of ulema, political activists, business-people, community activists and members of the broader Muslim community converged on the home, as Palestinian flags were hoisted in honour of his remarkable Palestinian activism.

Janazah proceedings for Mln Ihsaan Hendricks RA

Posted by Muslim Judicial Council – SA on Saturday, 11 August 2018

Not only did he have many academic accolades, but was well known for his sincere and respectful character across the world. Tributes and messages of condolences have been streaming in from far and wide following the news and Moulana Ihsaan’s colleagues and friends within the ulema fraternity have been left shattered by his death. MJC secretary-general Maulana Abdul Khaliq Allie says the scholar’s passing leaves a vacuum with the Muslim leadership in South Africa.

“The moment that we have in this earthly life is temporary, when death comes it brings its own grief and sorrow and emotions. The demise of Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks has brought a great loss to the ummah. On behalf of the MJC leadership, we have spent lengthy moments with Maulana Ihsaan in developing the vision of this Muslim community and enabling this community to be internationally recognized. Within the conscious of this Muslim community, we remember the central theme of justice and peace for the Palestinian people. The loss of Moulana Ihsaan, at this very critical and decisive moment of the history of the Muslim community in South Africa and the Palestinians, cannot be emphasised,” said Allie.

A packed Masjidu Salaam where janazah salah was performed today
Senior ulema pay their respects to Ml Ihsaan
ANC veteran Ebrahim Rasool delivers a eulogy at the masjid
Mourners were forced to perform salah outside as the masjid was packed to the brim

Addressing mourners at his janazah, Islamic scholar Shaykh Ihsaan Taliep called Moulana Ihsaan a “profound influencer”.

“He epitomised what it meant to be a leader and to take on the challenges of society. He was the quintessential alim and a real template of what it means to be a scholar. The work he did locally found its impact globally. At an international conference last week, there were so many scholars asking about him…that’s the impact he had,” said Shaykh Taliep, the chairperson of the United Ulema Council of South Africa.
In Makkah, where a number of local ulama are on hajj, the news has been devastating. Sheikh Riyaad Walls said Maulana Ihsaan was a leading light on Palestine.

“It is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of the beloved ex-president of The Muslim Judicial Council, our teacher, our mentor, our Salahudeen- Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks. He is a man who always kept alive within our hearts the passion, and the zeal and the fervour to see the liberation of Palestine of Baitul Maqdis and of Masjidul Aqsaa. And we will always associate him with that greatest struggle of the 20th and 21st centuries – the liberation of Masjidul Aqsa,” said Walls.

Moulana Ihsaan had been Shaykh Walls’ ustaad at Darul Arqam in 1994, where he taught youngs students Haadith.

“He was also the first imam to invite me to give a khutbah at the masjid where he was Imam, in Belhar. And Alhamdulilah I had the honour of performing my fard hajj with him in 1996. We ask that Allah SWT forgive him for any shortcomings and grant him a high place in Jannah Tul Firdous, we ask that Allah SWT put sabr into the hearts of his family , loved ones, friends and all those who had a special relationship with him. May Allah SWT make it easy for them and that Allah SWT push us to continue with the great work and the great legacy that he lives behind. Again, as we stand in precinct of Masjidul Haram, let us make dua…”

Moulana Irshaad Sedick, also currently in Makkah, described Moulana Ihsaan as a true inspiration.

“This is an alim, who has dedicated his life to Islam and to noble causes; such as the struggle of the liberation of Masjidul Aqsa al Mubarak and he has really instilled the love of Masjidul Aqsa in our people. We will certainly try to co-ordinate a salaahtul jaanaaza Ghaib for Moulana. My appeal to all the people of south Africa, do remember Moulana in your duas and we ask that Allah SWT can grant that many other Ulema can inspire people as he inspired us.” VOC

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