24 April 2019 / 18 Sha’ban 1440

Muslim Hands rolls up sleeves for Syria Food Aid


South African humanitarian agency Muslim Hands has been running a campaign for the past month, to support Syrians in desperate need of food aid.  Food such as flour and rice was collected and donated and from May 24 – 2 June 2018 the collection period was over 10 days at 10 different mosques filing up 10 containers.

On Saturday 2 June, all 10 containers were unpacked at Surrey Primary School field, and separated into different containers accordingly. Volunteers came in mass numbers to assist with the packing of the rice and flour into the containers for Syrian refugees. Despite the cold weather and rain, it never damped their spirit.

During the early morning on Saturday the support from the volunteers was tremendous. The quality of goods that came in and the amount of goods donated was overwhelming.

Many volunteers were more than eager to assist in packing as the atmosphere increased; longer lines were formed at different containers from the old and the young. Some grew tired despite their state; they knew the Syrian refuges are in a state of need.

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