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Muslims urged to fast during Dhul Hijja

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As we move closer to the start of Dhul Hijja and the hajj season, the MJC leadership says it’s deeply concerned about the level of moral degradation in South Africa. The ulema have therefore called upon the Muslim community, to utilize the first nine days of Dhul Hijja in fasting. Shaykh Ebrahim Gabriels has urged Imams to intensify the call to communities.

Dhul Hijja is a sacred month wherein the Hajj (or pilgrimage) takes place, a month wherein we remember the sacrifice of Ibrahim (Alayhis-salaam) and His family; and celebrate Eid-ul Adha (Festival of the Sacrifice). It is also the final month of the Islamic calendar.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“There are no days in which good deeds are more beloved to Allah than during these days.”

“Our citizens are faced with many challenges because of the chaos and mayhem created by lawlessness within our society. The MJC therefore, calls upon the Muslim community, to utilize the first nine days of Dhul Hijja in fasting for Allah’s sake. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him said): “Verily actions are by intentions, and for every person is what he intended,” said Shaykh Gabriels.

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One of the best deeds Muslims can perform is that of Sunnah fast.

“We should fast these days with the intention that Allah Almighty showers our beloved country with peace, tranquility and stability. We kindly appeal to all Imams to intensify the call to our communities to be law-abiding citizens and to develop and display compassion towards our fellow brothers/sisters in humanity through our good deeds. Our grandmother, mothers and daughters must be assisted in every possible way, as they bear the brunt of social ills, especially as they have become the breadwinners for the household.”

“In addition, we are reminded of righteous acts that can be performed in the ten days of Dhul Hijjah such as sincere repentance and excessive istighfār, avoiding that which attracts Allah’s anger, performing salah in jamaah, fasting, reciting the Qurʿan, making dua and dhikr, maintaining family ties, visiting the sick, Udhiyah, giving charity (sadaqah), etc.”

With this intention, Allah Almighty will assist us in bringing our country back to stability for us, our children and our entire community, Ameen. May Allah grant us reward for our efforts, Ameen.”

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