24 April 2019 / 18 Sha’ban 1440

MyCiTi bus attacks costs the City of Cape Town millions


The cost of damage to several MyCiTi buses has been put at R10 million.

Just this week alone, there have been two arson attacks on buses.

On Wednesday a MyCiti bus was set alight in Khayelitsha. Another bus was set alight in Milnerton on Tuesday. Last month, a MyCiTi bus was stoned and petrol bombed, also in Khayelitsha. MyCiTi bus drivers have been on a wildcat strike for the past two weeks over their working conditions. City of Cape Town Spokesperson, Richard Bosman, says there were no injuries reported during today’s incident.

“A MyCiti bus service was set alight at about five Wednesday morning at Kuyasa Road in Khayelitsha near the Kuyasa MyCiTi bus station, there were no injuries reported,” he said.

The City of Cape Town’s Luthando Tyalibongo said for safety and security of commuters and drivers, additional law enforcement officials will be deployed.

“We’ll deploy staff from law enforcement, metro police and traffic to provide escort duties of the MyCiTi buses as the city cannot afford to lose buses critical to the public transport network,” he said.

According to police officials, an investigation is underway to determine whether the attacks on buses are linked to the bus strike by MyCiTi drivers.

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