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New political party to ‘bring back the happiness’

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While South Africans prepare to take to the polls in the upcoming Local Municipal Elections, many new political parties have come forward challenging the current political status quo. One such party is Al-Shura, which was established two months ago by a group of Cape Town residents. The party’s leaders have voiced their concern at the level of frustration within the country and vowed to “bring back the happiness.”

Party Leader, Mehmet Vefa Dag, explained that the party was established out of a desire to improve socio-economic services and eradicate corruption as a means to ensure that vital services are delivered within destitute communities.

He said that the party’s main areas of focus will include; drug addiction, prostitution, unemployment, service delivery, and the wastage of public money.

Dag added that the Al-Shura will squash traffic fines and electricity and water bills in a bid to ease the burden on already economically shackled citizens.

“Water cuts is unacceptable, if we are voted in we will not cut off anyone’s electricity. It does not matter if the person paid or not, at least for survival we will not make cuts,” Dag asserted.

Al-Shura party secretary, Abdurageem Abduraof, explained that within the city itself, numerous Muslim parties are in existence, but that many have shown evidence of having no vested interest in improving communities.

“Last year, the City wasted R28 million with the Cape Carnival and R16 million was wasted on renting issues, the good hope centre is being rented for R200 000 per month – money that is taken away from the community, and the City wasted R30 million on changing the city of Cape Town logo – we are standing up for these problems.”

‘We listen, we consult, and we honour’

Al-Shura endeavours to improve political structures by operating under the banner of honesty, said Abduraof.

“We believe in honesty and truthfulness and since Al-Shura is a name taken from the Qur’an, honesty and truthfulness should be the foundation of a political party.”

He added that the motto of the party is based on consultation with experts who are able to affect change within the communities. In doing so, Abduraof said that Al-Shura will work toward honouring “the words of the people.”

“Whatever complaint is sent to us we will honour it, based on the verse in the Qur’an [which may mean]: ‘It is because of the mercy of Allah that you are lenient and soft-hearted with the ashaab and mankind. If you had ben ill-temped and hard-hearted, they would have run away from you, so pardon them and seek forgiveness with them. [And] When you have taken a firm decision, after consulting with the knowledgeable ones, then place your trust in Allah’.”

‘One nation, one flag, and one country’

Since Al-Shura will be represented by individuals from all religious and ethnic groups, Abduraof affirmed that the mandate of the party will not be isolated to resolving concerns of Muslim citizens. Instead, Al-Shura will work within all communities to uplift society as a whole.

“White people have even joined the party, which says a lot – people from all ethnicities have joined. If we look at the sunah, the Phophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) formed a constitution with all the people of Madina, both Muslims and non-Muslim.”

Abduraof said that the party will work toward encouraging peace within communities and eradicating crime that has plagued the cape flats, in particular.

In addition, Al-Shura has voiced concern at the level of poverty that has left many citizens feeling despondent. The party, therefore, plans to create a culture where members of society share their wealth for the betterment of the entire community.

‘We can make a difference

The party candidate running for councillor, Mohsin Harris, said the party firmly believes that if community members stand together, change will ensue.

“I am a strong believer in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and it is because of those documents that I believe that we can make difference.”

He further noted that party leaders hope to win all 116 wards and 231 proportional candidate positions in order to work toward enhancing the lives of citizens from township inhabitants to a progressive Cape metro environment.

“This is not only a dream, but a reality. We want to say to our people that no more do we want to see townships, because there seems to be more townships today with more people battling to pay their bills – it is our duty to see that our communities get out of those ghettos.”

Meanwhile listeners expressed their enthusiasm at the Al-Shura party’s plans, while others asserted their view of no confidence in any political party that is currently running.

Al-Shura is scheduled to formally launch in the coming week.

For more information join Al-Shurah Whatsapp group, on 0786691242. Alternatively, visit Al-Shura Facebook page at:



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  1. Mashaallah by time we have our own voice.Will definitely support the party

  2. Why 3 or more muslim parties ? Why always the lack of unity amongst muslims ?

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