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North West school under fire after apparent “segregation”

Parents of learners at Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke were outraged after a picture circulated showing an apparent “segregation” between black and white Grade R learners, on Wednesday.

The picture was shared by a teacher to the schools Whatsapp group.

One of the learners’ parents said most parents did not find anything wrong with the photo and after engaging with another parent privately, she decided to report the image to the principal.

The principal then promised to investigate the matter. A few hours later, the parents were sent a picture which showed interaction between black and white learners.

Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied

The parent also mentioned that seating arrangements for the learners were made prior their arrival as their names were already on the desk.

“That picture was sent after the principal told us they would ‘sort it out’. My child said after break another teacher came and moved them around,” said the enraged parent.

The provincial education MEC was expected to visit the school on Thursday.

Parents were ordered to fetch their children from school on Thursday, after apparent protests by political parties outside the school.

Schweizer Reneke is yet to comment on the matter.

More to follow.



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