19 April 2019 / 13 Sha’ban 1440

Nur Morton: a warm, pure, gentle soul


VOC staff are saddened by the sudden loss of sales consultant Nur Morton. Nur was the wife of presenter Shafiq Morton and the daughter of the late Shaykh Ebrahim Hendricks of the Azzavia Masjid. Colleagues know her as a caring motherly figure that brought warmth to everyone she met. She will be remembered for her kind, genuine and pure soul. Her death will leave a huge void in the sales team, who were a very close-knit bunch.

“Nur had a big heart. We worked together for nine years. She was the same every day. She would always say the funniest and most ‘blonde’ things,” said close colleague Mogammad Zain Majiet.

“Before I left for Bali last week, I shouted to her at the door ‘I love you Nur’. I never knew that would be the last moment I would see her,” said an emotional Majiet.

“She had the ability to creep into your hearts. She always had good things to say about everyone,” said colleague Taariq Dante.

Fond memories with staff at the VOC Festival

“Nur and I became closer after the passing of Thabiet Slamang. She was an amazingly caring person with a heart of gold. She would never go back on her word,” recalled presenter Ayesha Laatoe.

Laatoe said Aunty Nur prioritised her family and paid special attention to the elders in her family, running errands for her beloved aunts.  And when it came to her husband, she was always quietly championing him from behind.

“She always spoke of Shafiq and her kids with great humility and affection. SubhanAllah. When I saw her at Shafiq’s book launch on Sunday, you could see the pride on her face,” she added.

Aunty Nur and the sales and marketing team at the Two Oceans Marathon

All staff agree that there was never a dull moment with Aunty Nur around, as she had an amazing sense of humour and her boisterous laugh often filled the room.

“I’m totally shocked. Only yesterday she joked and said she wants people to enjoy themselves at her janaza and have good food to eat! May Allah’s mercy be on her n grant her Jannatul Firdous, Ameen,” said colleague Shehaam Kajee.

Nur Morton and her son and friends at an Awqaf sports event

Aunty Nur had built a good relationship with her clients and was a hard worker behind the scenes, one of the faces who don’t often get recognition. She has been an anchor in the sales team.

Former colleague Goolam Fakier said the two had a wonderful friendship.

“She told me she was always proud of everyone that left the station and made something of themselves. She was always so proud of Shafiq, Ulfah and Layth and so caring of the elders in her family. Based on her character, we only pray that Allah grant her Jannah Ameen.”

“She was so passionate about the station and the community. And we as staff need to keep that passion going forward, Ameen”

In her family life, Aunty Nur sacrificed a lot in the turbulent days of Shafiq’s journalism career during apartheid and was supportive of his missions abroad.

“I know she was always very worried about his safety when he travelled to conflict zones, but she really was a pillar of support,” said VOC News editor Tasneem Adams.

“She was his number one supporter, especially during the stressful times when he was writing his books. To her children, she was simply everything and they had a very close bond.”

Aunty Nur and Shafiq

May Allah Almighty grant Shafiq and their children Ulfah and Layth sabrun jameel and ease during this difficult period, Ameen

May Allah SWT grant Aunty Nur the highest place in Jannah Ameen and forgive all her shortcomings, ameen

The janaza will depart from 44 Chester Road, Walmer Estate for Thur at the Azzavia Masjid and then proceed to the Mowbray Maqbara


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